• Daily Schedule

     8:40 AM School Day Begins
     11:30 AM PreK Lunch-Eat in Classroom
     11:25-11:40AM K Lunch- Eat in Classroom
     11:30-12:00 PM 1st Grade - Eat in Classroom
     11:50-12:05PM 2nd Grade Lunch
     11:55-12:10PM 3rd Grade Lunch
     11:40-11:55AM 4th Grade Lunch
     11:45-12PM 5th Grade Lunch
     12:15-12:30PM Middle School Lunch
      30-Minute (or two 15-minute) recess for each grade before or after lunch
     3 PM K-5 students dismissed  (Pick-up students on the playground)
     3:10 PM

    Unmet K-5 students the "Apple Room"

    K-5 bussing students to bus area

    K-5 walking students wait for middle school siblings under playground shelter.

     3:15 PM Middle School (6-8) students dismissed