• Uniforms

    At Boise-Eliot/Humboldt School we believe that when children have a strong sense of belonging, involvement, and adequacy they are able to become successful, caring students. We see school uniforms as one way to achieve this sense of belonging in our students. We also believe that the adoption of school uniform policies will enhance the learning environment and promote school safety.


    BEH students are required to wear approved dress code attire daily except on Fridays  or during "spirit week." If a student arrives at school dressed otherwise, a call home will be made for a change of clothes. Please remember, we have very limited clothes to loan and do not always have clothing to loan for all sizes and ages. Also, we do not have shoes to loan. 

    The required uniform consists of:

    • TOPS: a solid color navy blue, yellow, or white collared shirt (blouse or polo shirt) or Boise-Eliot t-shirts or sweatshirts. Sorry, no logos, designs, ruffles, sparkles, etc. are to show on blouses or tops. Collars must show when worn with sweaters or sweatshirts. Turtlenecks are considered a collar.
    • PANTS: khaki or navy blue pants, no denim or leggings (except with skirt or jumper)
    • DRESSES, SKIRTS, or JUMPERS: navy blue, khaki/tan, Boise-Eliot plaid (from French Toast, below), approximately to the knee length.
    • SHORTS: capris, bermuda shorts, skorts, approximately to the knee length. 
    • SHOES: closed-toe and appropriate for P.E. and on the playground. Laces are to be pulled snug, laced and tied. Flip-flops, slippers and open toe sandals, or high heels will not be permitted for safety reasons. 
    • WARM LAYERS: solid navy, white, or pale yellow sweaters, sweatshirts, or vests may be worn but a collar must be worn underneath and showing. Only solid navy, white, or pale yellow sleeves and collars may show from under a school approved shirt.
    • Note: Logos designs, stripes, ruffles, sparkles, etc. are not allowed. Hooded sweatshirts can be worn, provided they are school colors (navy, white, yellow) and ears are readily visible. Hats are now allowed, provided ears are visible.

    Clothing should be clean, appropriate for the weather, and fit properly.

    Black is not allowed as a replacement for navy blue. If a students inappropriate clothing goes unnoticed, it does not mean it was OK to wear. We try our best to be thorough and consistent, but we do make mistakes!

    Clothing can be ordered online from French Toast (enter code QS476BK) or purchased from any retailer. We have gently used school uniform clothing available for sale at in our Boise-Eliot/Humboldt Clothes Closet. All sizes ar $1-$5 per piece and sweatshirts for $15. Call the office for Clothes Closet contact information. It is run by volunteers in a limited capacity to help families with emergency purchases. Hours are dependent on volunteer availability. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the office.