• STEAM Curriculum

    Boise-Eliot/Humboldt has committed to an integrated STEAM curriculum, which is a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, (STEM) with the addition of the Arts (the "A").

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    Students in K-8th grade have experiences in STEAM classes (Technology, Art, Music, Media Center) for at least 1.5 - 5 hours a week, as well as a 21st Century science program that integrates with writing and reading skills. We have a STEAM specialist that plans and charts STEAM learning for the school, including artist residencies, field trips, and school-wide engineering challenges.

    Boise-Eliot/Humboldt STEM Vision Statement:
    To understand and foster the development of human communities and the environment, through the lens of Place, Race and Justice.

    STEM education is active and has student-centered learning at its core. Through a focus on inquiry based instruction we seek to build a STEM program that focuses on integrated units of study that are place-based and relevant to our students and community. We will use experiential learning opportunities to ignite curiosity and provide an opportunity for reflection, challenging students’ initial beliefs and guiding them in the formation of deeper questions from multiple perspectives. And through this work, we hope to build a program that connects the classroom to stewardship empowering Boise-Eliot/Humboldt students to take action and educate others as they move along the path toward college and 21st century careers. 

    The Portland Metro STEM Partnership is a regional collaboration of public and private organizations with a shared goal of transforming science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education for K-12 students.

    Through the development and implementation of innovative STEM teaching and learning practices, all Oregon students will develop the necessary scientific literacy and technological knowledge they need to excel as citizens of our increasingly complex world.

    BEH Student Outcomes:
    The STEAM transformation of Boise-Eliot/Humboldt will be accomplished by striving towards the following student goals/outcomes:
    1. Motivational Resilience: Constructive Coping
      Students will demonstrate proficiency in adaptive strategizing skills and persistence in the face of academic challenges, obstacles, and setbacks
    2. Motivational Resilience: Academic Engagement
      Students demonstrate high quality participation in academic work, including effort and enthusiasm
    3. Cognitive Skills: Metacognitive Skills
      Students will know a variety of problem solving strategies and tools and be able to choose and strategically use these tools
    4. Cognitive Skills: Problem Solving
      Students will be able to identify, frame, and solve complex problems and apply knowledge and skills to novel problems and/or situations across STEM subjects
    5. Academic Identity
      Students will feel a sense of belonging, competency, autonomy and purpose as they view themselves and their potential to enjoy and succeed in STEM classes and careers

    STEM Transformation School STEM Investment Plan (SIP)

    Abridged STEM Investment Plan

    Flickr Photo Album of Boise-Eliot/Humboldt STEAM Projects

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