Student Schedule

Understanding your schedule

  • Periods 1 - 8 (attendance class): This is the schedule you follow. 

    • Periods 1 - 8 are the class periods you attend. This is how your attendance is tracked.
    • Periods 1 - 8 correspond with our bell schedule (see below).
    • A typical schedule:
      • Morning schedule: Periods 1 - 4 
      • Afternoon schedule: Periods 3 - 6 
      • Evening schedule: Periods 5 - 8
    • You will not have all periods 1 - 8 (that would be a long day). 

    Periods 10+: List of all recommended classes for you to complete this year. 

    • Use this list to help you manage your time.
    • Use this list to remember all the classes you need to graduate (or complete this year).


    If you have any questions, don't worry – you can ask your counselor, teacher-advisor, or your teachers for help. They're here to help!

  • When does school start?

  • Can I do school online?

  • How do I get my schedule?

  • Where do I go on the first day?

Bell Schedule

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