Talented and Gifted at Kenton

  • Encouraged by the PPS equity policy and community input, we are investing in improvements like never before in our effort to create a program to meet the unique and diverse needs of all students. We will collaborate with all neighborhood schools to support programs where we can better address all TAG students’ needs, develop and nurture students who show potential for demonstrating high levels of critical thinking and establish a pathway to positive partnerships with families. TAG students will form a community of collaborative learners who have the skills necessary to positively impact the world around them. 


    Your child may be identified as TAG in 3 areas

    • Intellectual Ability

    • Math 

    • Reading

    If your child is not currently identified in one of the areas and you feel they need to be assessed to determine eligibility, you may nominate your child for assessment.


    TAG Identification Process

    Once a parent and teacher have discussed TAG nomination the TAG identification begins.


    1. The classroom teacher or parent notifies the building TAG Facilitator that they are nominating a student. 

    2. The building TAG Facilitator emails a Google Form to the parents or parents can access the Google Form that is posted on the school's website. (Each school has a specific form associated with their school, if you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher or the Building TAG Facilitator). 

    3. After the parents have submitted their Google Form, and consented to the nomination, the building TAG Facilitator will send the teacher a Google Form to complete. 

    4. The TAG Facilitator completes all other required information. 

    5. All Google Form nominations are to be submitted to the building TAG Facilitator by December 3, 2021.

    6. A TAG Proctor or TOSA will work with the building TAG Facilitator to schedule the assessments. When appropriate, existing data from MAP or OSAS will be used for math and reading identification. 

    7. A School TAG Team (a teacher, administrator and the TAG Facilitator) reviews the data and makes the final identification decision.

    8. The TAG office sends letters to notify families of students’ TAG eligibility.

    Ask questions and receive information related to TAG identification, services, processes, etc.
    We will meet on Zoom, 6:00-7:00 PM on 9/28/22, 10/26/22, 11/30/22, 1/25/23, 2/22/23, 3/22/23, 4/26/23, and 5/31/23. 
    Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 28 6:00-7:00 PM
    Zoom link for Parent Office Hours with the TAG Department
    We look forward to seeing you!