• Summer 2020 recommended reading for diversity and inclusion

    Recommended by ACCESS families


    ●  Grade listings indicate lowest suggested grade for book; grade range can span 4-5 grades.


    ●  Available as ebook ​(EB)​ or downloadable audiobook ​(AB)​ at Multnomah County Library


    ●  Links to additional summer reading lists on the last page K+

    Yasmin​ (series) by Saadia Farqui ​(EB)

    Grades 3+

    One Crazy Summer, P.S. Be Eleven, Gone Crazy in Alabama​ (series) by Rita Garcia-Williams (EB, AB)

    Dragon Pearl​ by Yoon Ha Lee ​(EB, AB)

    A Good Kind of Trouble​ by Lisa More Remee ​(EB, AB)

    Front Desk​ by Kelly Yang ​(EB, AB)

    Grades 4+

    I Can Make this Promise​ by Christine Day ​(EB, AB)

    White Bird​ by R.J. Palaccio ​(EB, AB)
    It Ain’t So Awful, Falafel​ by Firoozeh Dumas ​(EB)

    Each Tiny Spark​ by Pablo Cartaya ​(EB, AB)

    Genesis Begins Again​ by Alicia Williams ​(EB, AB)

    Indian No More​ by Charlene Willing McManis

    The Other Half of Happy​ by Rebecca Balcárcel ​(EB, AB)

    The Garden of My Imaan​ by Farhana Zia

    Hurricane Child​ by Kheryn Callender ​(EB, AB)

    Stand Up, Yumi Chung!​ By Jessica Kim ​(EB, AB)

    Blended​ by Sharon Draper

    Grades 5+

    This Book is Anti-Racist​ by Tiffany Jewell

    Grades 6+

    Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Beginning​ by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi ​(EB)

    Tornado Brain​ by Cat Patrick ​(EB, AB)

    Slay​ by Brittney Morris ​(EB, AB)

    Almost American Girl: An Illustrated Memoir​ by Robin Ha ​(AB)

    No Fixed Address​ by Susin Nielsen ​(EB, AB)

    Through Eyes Like Mine, Overdue Apologies, I Tried (​ Trilogy) by Noriko Nakada

    High School (Young Adult)

    How it Went Down​ by Kekla Magoon ​(EB, AB)

    Dark Sky Rising: Reconstruction and the Dawn of Jim Crow​ by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. with Tanya Bolden ​(EB)

    I Was Their American Dream: A Graphic Memoir​ by Malaka Gharib ​(EB)

    Suggested links for more diversity and inclusion reading:

    The Brown Bookshelf Generations Book Club​, featuring six weeks of themed lists of books by Black creators for the youngest readers through adults. https://thebrownbookshelf.com/2020/05/28/kick-off-summer-reading-with-generations/

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    Summer 2019 recommended reading for diversity and inclusion

    Recommended by ACCESS families

    Notes: Grade listings are by lowest grade that can read the book - grade range can span 4-5 grades. “+” symbols after title indicate recommendation by more than one family

    Grades 3+

    Wonder and Auggie & Me​ by RJ Palacio ​(EB)

    You Don't Know Everything, Jilly P.​ by Alex Gino ​(AB)

    One Good Thing About America​ by Ruth Freeman

    The War that Saved My Life​ and T​ he War I Finally Won​ by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley ​(EB,AB) Be Prepared​ by Vera Brosgol ​(EB)

    All's Faire In Middle School ​by Victoria Jamieson ​(EB)

    In the Footsteps of Crazy Horse​ by Joseph Marshall III ​(EB)

    Hana's Suitcase​ by Karen Levine ​(EB)

    Hidden: A Child's Story of the Holocaust​ by Loic Dauvillier

    Real Friends​ by Shannon Hale ​(EB)

    Grades 4+

    Inside Out & Back Again,​ by Thenhha Lai ​(EB,AB) Grades 5+

    Apple in the Middle,​ by Dawn Quigley (Turtle Mountain Band of Ojibwe) Merci Suá​ r​ ez Changes Gears​, by Meg Medina ​(EB)

    Grades 6+

    Sleeping in My Jeans,​ by Connie King Leonard - about a girl’s experience of growing up homeless in Oregon ​(EB)

    Grades 7+

    The Boy in the Black Suit​, by Jason Reynolds (Portland native) ​(EB,AB) High school (Young Adult)

    All American Boys​ by Jason Reynolds (Portland native) - two viewpoints of an incident of police brutality from a black teen victim and white teen witness. ​(EB,AB)

    Picture Us in the Light,​ by Kelly Loy Gilbert ​(EB)

    Monday’s Not Coming​ by Tiffany Jackson – interesting literary format that may need to be read twice ​(EB,AB)

    Born Bright​ by C. Nicole Mason. Auto-biography - Journey from LA projects and daughter of a

    teen mom to a PHD social science and poverty programs expert. ​(EB,AB)

    The Only Woman in the Room:​ ​Why Science is still a boys club​ by Eileen Pollack-focus is on women but applies to the isolation of other minorities in academia and science. ​(EB)

    Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s​, by John Elder Robinson ​(EB,AB)

    In A Different Key​ - history of autism advocacy, similar in style to Warmth of Other Suns. (EB,AB)

    Different . . . Not Less: Inspiring Stories of Achievement and Successful Employment from Adults with Autism, Asperger's, and ADHD​ by Temple Grandin

    The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism​ by Naoki Higashida ​(EB)

    Summer 2018 recommended reading for diversity and inclusion Early elementary (grades 1+)

    Shark Lady,​ by Jess Keating - picture book biography of Eugenie Clark (gr 1-4) ​(EB)

    I Dissent​, by Debbie Levy and Elizabeth Baddely - picture book biography of Ruth Bader Ginsberg (gr 1-5) ​(EB)

    EllRay Jakes The Recess King!​ By Sally Warner ​(EB)

    Anna Hibiscus​ series, by Atinuke and Lauren Tobia ​(AB)

    Grades 3+

    The Hero Two Doors Down: Based on the True Story of Friendship Between a Boy and a BaseballLegend,​ bySharonRobinson

    The Girl Who Ran: Bobbi Gibb, The First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon​, by Kristina Yee, Frances Poletti, and Susanna Chapman - biography

    The People Could Fly: American Black Folktales,​ by Virginia Hamilton ​(AB) Flying Lessons and Other Stories​. Anthology edited by Ellen Oh ++ ​(EB,AB)

    The Confidence Code for Girls: Taking Risks, Messing Up, and Becoming Your Amazingly Imperfect, Totally Powerful Self​, by Katty Kay, Claire Shipman, JillEllyn Riley, and Nan Lawson (EB,AB)

    (A trilogy) ​The Year of The Dog ​(EB,AB)​,​ The Year of The Rat (​ EB)​, and ​Dumpling Days (EB,AB)​by Grace Lin

    Listen, Slowly​ by Than Ha Lai ​(EB, AB)

    Wonder,​ byR.J.Palacio-alsoamovie ++ ​(EB)

    Where the mountain meets the moon​, by Grace Lin ​(EB,AB)

    Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus​, by Dusti Bowling ​(EB,AB)

    Chester and Gus​, by Cammie McGovern + ​(EB)

    Esperanza Rising​, by Pam Munoz Ryan ​(EB,AB)

    Pay It Forward: Young Readers Edition,​ by Catherine Ryan Hyde (younger readers version) Dash (Dogs of World War II)​, by Kirby Larson ​(EB,AB)

    Save me a Seat,​ by Sarah Weeks & Gita Varadarajan ​(EB,AB)

    George,​ by Alex Gino - on the 3rd - 5th OBOB list for next year.

    Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel​, by Nikki Grimes ++

    Rich: A Dyamond Danie lBook,​ by Nikki Grimes++

    Sukey and the Mermaid,​ byRobert D San Souci

    Ghosts​, by Raina Telgemeier ​(EB)

    +++ ​(EB,AB)

    Drama,​ by Raina Telgemeier ​(EB) Grades 4+

    Betty Before X,​ by Ilyasah Shabazz and Renee Watson - fictionalized story of Betty Shabazz before she met Malcolm X ​(EB,AB)

    El Deafo,​ by Cece Bell and David Lasky (grades 4-9) - graphic novel +++ ​(EB) The Tea Dragon Society,​ by Katie O’Neill - graphic novel

    (A trilogy) ​One Crazy Summer​, ​PS Be Eleven​, and ​Gone Crazy In Alabama​ by ​Rita Williams-Garcia​ ​(EB,AB)

    Rain Reign​, by Ann M. Martin ​(EB) Refugee​, by Alan Gratz ​(EB,AB)

    The Pants Project,​ by Cat Clarke ​(EB) Rules​, by Cynthia Lord ​(EB,AB)

    The Red Pencil​, by Andrea Davis Pinkney ​(EB,AB)

    Now Is The Time For Running,​ by Michael Williams (Age 9 or older, depending on the child, with some scary scenes.)

    The Breadwinner​ Trilogy by Deborah Ellis (Age 9 or older, depending on the child, has somescary content.) ​(EB,AB)

    Trout and Me​, by Susan Shreve

    Grades 5+

    Brown Girl Dreaming​, by Jacqueline Woodson - autobiography written in poetry ​(EB,AB)

    I Am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World,​ by Malala Yousafzai - autobiography ​(AB)

    Lily and Dunkin​ by Donna Gephart ​(EB,AB)

    Fish in a Tree​ by Lynda Mullaly Hunt ​(EB,AB)

    See you in the cosmos​ by Jack Cheng ​(EB,AB)

    Ghost​, Jason Reynolds (Portland native) + ​(EB,AB)

    Schooled,​ byGordonKorman​(EB,AB)

    Out of My Mind​, by Sharon M. Draper +++ ​(EB,AB)

    A Mango-Shaped Space,​ by Wendy Mass ​(EB,AB)

    Counting by 7s,​ by Holly Goldberg Sloan ++ ​(EB,AB)

    The Only Road​, by Alexandria Diaz ​(EB,AB)

    Ungifted,​ by Gordon Korman​(EB,AB)

    Grades 6+

    Cut from the Same Cloth: American Women of Myth, Legend, and Tall Tale​, by Robert D. San Souci

    Maus: A Survivor's Tale,​ by Art Spiegelman

    TheCrossover,​ byKwameAlexander-writteninpoetry​(EB,AB)

    March books 1-3,​ by John Lewis and Andrew Aydin - graphic novels ​(EB)

    Grades 7+

    #Not Your Princess: Voices of Native American Women​, by Charleyboy and Leatherdale

    Picture Us in the Light​, by Kelly Loy Gilbert ​(EB)

    Piecing Me Together​, by Renee Watson (grew up in N. Portland) ​(EB)

    Pay It Forward: A Novel,​ by Catherine Ryan Hyde (older version with graphic language) ​(EB)

    Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda,​ by Becky Albertalli - book upon which the movie "Love, Simon" is based ​(EB,AB)

    How to be Popular​, by Meg Cabot - contrary to the title, this is about individuality and inclusion (AB)

    Earthsea​ Series, by Ursula LeGuin ​(EB,AB)

    The House on Mango Street,​ by Sandra Cisneros ​(EB)

    High school (Young Adult)

    This Side of Home​, Renee Watson (grew up in N. Portland) ​(EB) The Hate U Give,​ by Angie Thomas ​(EB,AB)

    Turtles All the Way Down,​ by John Green ​(EB,AB)
    I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter,​ by Erika L. Sanchez ​(EB,AB) So You Want to Talk About Race​, by Ijeoma Oluo ​(EB,AB)