• So happy to have this opportunity to share with families our March Climate Initiatives!

    For the month of March we will be celebrating the ACCESS Life Skill (ALS) of PATIENCE! What an important and difficult skill to learn. So, with that in mind, we will give kiddos a class challenge of designing the best PATIENCE acronym. We will also celebrate individual students who do a great job of exhibiting the ALS of PATIENCE. Please take time to talk with your children about PATIENCE as those opportunities arise. 

    Here are some important ways we will celebrate the success of our students this month:

    Friday, March 6th - Vestal Bucks drawing - The more Vestal 

    Friday, March 13th - Vestal Bucks store 

    Friday, March 20th - ACCESS Character Celebration


    Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

    Discipline flow chart

    Behavior Matrix