Admission to ACCESS Academy is by application and lottery.   

    Application for 24-25 will open in February of 24. You can look below to see what last year's cycle looked like.

    Application/Lottery for the 2023-24 school year opens February 15, 2023, and closes March 17th, 2023.

    Eligibility Requirements:

    1. Applicant has scored at the 99th percentile or above on a nationally-normed assessment of Reading, Math, and/or Cognitive Ability

    The student must have a composite score at the 99th percentile to be considered for ACCESS. At this time, the score/s may be from a variety of valid normed assessments such as the ITBS for reading and math, the WISC-V, CogAT7, Ravens, NNAT3, Battelle, and Kaufman.  PPS has also transitioned to using OSAS and Map as a data point for reading and math in formal TAG identification.

    If you received a 99th Percentile Eligibility letter from the PPS Office of Talented and Gifted in any previous year, this document can be submitted in lieu of the formal TAG Identification letter with the 99th percentile or MAP score, etc. 

    The cost of testing for those choosing to test privately, and whether it will be covered by insurance, varies based on what tests you are having done and which provider you use. Below is a list of acceptable tests:

     2. Applicant has a demonstrated need for an alternative program.

    ACCESS Academy was established in 2002 as an Alternative Program.  Therefore a student must also meet eligibility as directed by the state requirements for alternative education, which will be a question on the application. Please look at our FAQ page or reach out if you have questions. 

    If Applying, Please Keep In Mind: 

    1. Documentation of a 99th percentile is required in order to complete the application. Please have this available prior to completing the application. You can use the 99% eligibility letter you received from the TAG office. 
    2. The ACCESS Application is available in SchoolMint Application. Please make sure you fill out the ACCESS specific application as it is different than the general SchoolMint application. Go to: https://ppsnew.schoolmint.net/ Create an account if you don't already have one. (If you are a PPS employee, we have been told to suggest that you not use your PPS email account as that can cause complications in your communication.) Choose the Lottery option. Choose the ACCESS option. Apply! To note: As the ACCESS lottery is separate from the others, if you are applying only to ACCESS it still makes you choose a ranking as long as you choose something you should be able to complete the application. Please reach out if you need any help with the process.   


    Admission to ACCESS Academy is by application and lottery.