Applying to ACCESS Academy Alternative Program

  • Admission to ACCESS Academy is by application and lottery.  


    The ACCESS admission process will open for grades 1-8 in February 2020.

    Students in grades 6-8 can submit focus option applications in November 2019 and also apply to ACCESS beginning in February 2020.  


    Eligibility Requirements:

    1. Applicant has scored at the 99th percentile or above on a nationally-normed assessment of Reading, Math, and/or Cognitive Ability

    The PPS Board resolution directs reviewers to consider this as a first criterion. The student must have a composite score at the 99th percentile to be considered for ACCESS. At this time, the score/s may be from a variety of valid normed assessments such as the ITBS for reading and math, the WISC-V, CogAt7, Ravens, NNAT2, Battelle, and Kaufman.  PPS has also transitioned to using SBAC as a data point for reading and math in formal TAG identification.

    If you received a 2019 99th Percentile Eligibility letter from the PPS Office of Talented and Gifted, this document can be submitted in lieu of the formal TAG Identification letter with the 99th percentile. 


    The cost of testing, and whether it will be covered by insurance, varies based on what tests you are having done and which provider you use. This list is by no means exhaustive, but here are a few places that have been used by ACCESS families:

    2. Applicant has a demonstrated need for an alternative program.

    ACCESS Academy was established in 2002 as an Alternative Program.  Therefore a student must also meet eligibility as directed by the state requirements for alternative education. A “demonstrated need” requires the applicant’s family and current educators to provide a body of evidence that would suggest an alternative placement is necessary for the student.


    If Applying, Please Keep In Mind: 

    1. Documentation of a 99th percentile is required in order to complete the application. Please have this available prior to completing the application. Documentation should be available in your child's cumulative file at their school. 
      1. The 2019 99th Percentile Eligibility Letter can be used as documentation. 
    2. There are TWO applications: The ACCESS Application AND the SchoolMint Application. Both will need to be completed to be entered into the lottery. 
    3. Regardless of the current availability of seats, families should still consider meeting with their school team and completing the application.