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    Annual awards for Oregon residents who are graduates of Boise-Eliot Elementary School (between the years of 1987-1997) in Multnomah County who will be enrolling/are enrolled in an Oregon two or four year college/university. Applicants must be U.S. citizens/eligible non-citizens, file a FAFSA, and be at least half-time students. Recipients may reapply and compete annually. Award amount and number of awards vary. Contact student's high school guidance counselor, the OCF, or OSAC for more information and/or application. Recipients are awarded a minimum of $500 and maximum of $10,000.


    Maxine Price and Jack Crocker - this scholarship would not have been able to continue for as long as it has without the financial contribution from Maxine and Jack. 


    Lake Oswego United Church of Christ and First Unitarian Church Portland

    Shirley Bankston

    Andrew Coutu*

    Howard Cutler

    Marybeth Cleave and Mary Kinnick

    Paul and Patricia Crocker

    Alan Campbell

    Betty Campbell

    Michael Crawley

    Rainmar Bartle and Barbara Grant

    Dylan Enloe*

    Ernest Estes*

    Carolyn Grill

    Linda Harris

    Vera Harris

    Susan and Edward Kluss

    Kwitman Family Foundation

    Bill Kwitman and Monica Moriarty

    Kimberly Hsu Merchant*

    Frank and Debbie Klubber

    Kathryn Leahy Edens

    Charlotte Rubin

    Susan Haller and Diane Gilbertson

    Dianne Graham

    Robin Lindsley

    Dr. Matthew Prophet

    Carol Meyer

    Dennis Moran

    Laura Ohm

    Jerry Palmer

    Susan Parker

    Debbie Pollock and Barry Pelzner

    Bonnie and Pete Reagan

    Bob and Ellen Reynolds

    Duane and Karen Schaad

    Marge and Gary Schetrzer

    Joan Simco

    Andrew Simmons

    Mary and Alan Solares

    Nina Spring*

    Michael and Virginia Stensby

    Sharon Surratt

    Paula and Norman Sylvester

    Ted Teller

    Carol and Dave Turner

    May Wallace and Peter Parks

    Robert and Mary Ann Sang

    Denise and Rich van Rheen

    Dr. Robert and Jean Wilson

    Sandra Whitman

    Evie Zaic and Corey Resnick

    Bea Zizlavsky


    *Indicates scholarship recipient


    This scholarship fund was founded in 1991 by longtime, beloved Boise-Eliot principal Betty Campbell in honor of her friend Jeanette Crawley, a fellow educator who was killed in an automobile accident at age 35.  It was renamed the Betty Campbell Jeanette Crawley Scholarship Fund in 2015 to honor both educators and provide a legacy for their caring commitment to inner-city Portland children.  For over 25 years the main goal of this organization has been to provide increased opportunities for Boise-Eliot-Humboldt School students through higher-education scholarships. Funds are raised through involved individuals, groups and foundations.

    • Lake Oswego United Church of Christ has given $3000 in total over the past three years to this scholarship fund. 
    • This scholarship fund has given over $750,000 since we began in 1991.
    • Over 400 students have been awarded in our 27 year existence with award packages between $500-$7000 based on individual need.
    • Our board is entirely volunteer-driven with under $500 in annual operating costs so that the maximum amount of assistance can be given directly to students.

    Here is what a few of our recipients have said:

    “Growing up in a less privileged community has not only offered financial and academic challenges but has also helped me realize the value of a college education. Thank you for enabling this opportunity!“


    Another wrote:

    “This award shows younger generations that came from Boise-Eliot Elementary that they can achieve anything they want.“


    A third said:

    “I have no idea where I would be without this award and it’s so appreciated. There honestly isn’t enough thank yous in the world but thank you so very much.”

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    Evie Zaic - eviezaic@comcast.net


    620 North Fremont Street

    Portland, OR 97227


    How to Support:

    Help support our amazing BEH students as they move on to college and help to keep the scholarship funded so that we can continue to support all of our students in realizing their college and career aspirations by contributing to their Go Fund Me.

    Quote from Betty Campbell:

    "Every person has the ability and wants to learn. As educators, it is our opportunity and challenge to encourage every person to reach their highest potential."


    Tax Deductible:

    The Betty Campbell/Jeanette Crawley Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contributions are tax deductible. We are part of the Oregon Community and Oregon Student Access Commission. Our operating costs were under $500 for this year. With your help we can change lives.