Lost and Overdue Books

  • Late Overdue Books

    The district sends out courtesy overdue notices that automatically are e-mailed 14 days after books are checked out.  If you and your child know where your books are located, then please ignore these messages.  Unfortunately, I am unable to stop these e-mails from coming to you.  

    Lost Books & Fines

    If books become lost, I usually wait until the last month of school to actually charge students.  Often times, books are misplaced in the student’s classroom or at their home (s).  There have been many situations where books are discovered before the end of the school year.

    The parent has a choice to either replace the book or pay for the book if it is not found.  Damaged books can also be either replaced or paid for as well.

    Many times, Alameda books are returned to Multnomah County Library.  The public library will eventually send them back to us within 6 – 8 weeks.  Please notify me ASAP via e-mail and I will make a note of this situation.  Your child will be able to continue to check out their maximum number of books. 

    If books are not located by the end of the year, parents will be billed accordingly.