Grade 3-4 Keyboarding Skills

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    Third and Fourth grade skills include:

    • Mouse Practice
    • Keyboarding
    • Navigation
    • Drag & Drop

    Each SBAC Tech Skills lesson should be 30 minutes in length (20 minutes for skills, 10 minutes for keyboarding in grade 3-6). The following activities target these technology skills, and whenever possible align with the ELA and/or Math CCSS. 


    SBAC Tech Skills Checklist 

    Mouse Practice

    Download: Mouse Practice Lesson

    Skill Activities and Description CCSS      
    Scroll Practice                                          
    Students will visit Scroll Practice and follow directions to practice using the mouse. 

    Using Math Maven students are expected to apply their mouse skills by scrolling through prompts to solve the math mystery and answer the question.  
    Highlight Text  Using Highlighting Text students will wear headphone, listen to the directions and practice highlighting text. 

    Students will visit Grade 3 Proofreading Makes Perfect and Grade 4 Proofreading Makes Perfect to practice correcting grammar, spelling usage, and punctuation. Students will need to practice highlighting text, and placing cursor in specific locations in the text.     
     Mouse Clicking    Students will play Mouse Clicking to improve the speed and accuracy of mouse clicking. 

    Using Spelling Bees students will practice their speed and accuracy of using the mouse.  



    Download: Keyboarding Lesson

    Skill Activities and Description CCSS
    Keyboarding Students will use Dance Mat Typing to practice typing skills, choose your level.                                             ELA            
    Keyboarding Students will use Typing Club to follow sequential format for improving a variety of typing skills.  ELA
    Number Pad Practice           Using Number Pad Practice students will focus on using the number key pad and will practice using the number pad for speed and accuracy

    Students will play Math Quiz to improve their multiplication fluency while practicing using the number key pad.          



    Download: Navigation Lesson

    Skill Activities and Description CCSS
    Understanding Symbols       Using Word Clouds for Kids students will practice interpreting how to navigate an activity by creating content-specific word clouds.  ELA            
    Writing into Fields Using The Friendly Letter Creator, students will practice typing into fields.

    Esperanza Rising will allow students to respond to prompts by typing into fields. Once finished, they have the option of printing their writing. 
    Navigating Videos In Study Jams, students can watch videos and play supplemental games on a variety of topics tied to 
    CCSS Math standards. Play a video, use navigation tools, and learn! 
    Multiple Navigation Skills  Using Story Starters, students will use a variety of navigation skills including locating hotspots, toggling to advance to next screen and
    typing into fields to create a story. 


    Drag & Drop 

    Download: Drag & Drop Lesson 

    Skill Activities and Description CCSS         
    Drag and Drop                     Using Thinking Blocks, students will model and solve word problems while practicing their navigation and drag and drop skills. 

    Using Clean Up Your Grammar, students will practice dragging and dropping by sorting verbs and nouns.


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