Homework Philosophy

  • I recognize that families -- however constituted -- are partners with me in each child's education. It is important that children are able to participate in family activities and that parents determine how to spend time with their children instead of having to do excessive amounts of homework.

    Team Joy works hard during the day. It is appropriate that upon arrival home at the end of the day your child have time to unwind, reflect upon their day, and involve themselves in other areas of interest not offered at school; thus strengthening them for the next challenging day to come. That said, I will not burden them with excessive homework. I do ask that students read each night. This includes independent reading, listening to a book on tape, or listening to a book read aloud by a family member. I will not ask for any kind of reading log. It's an honor system. If a student consistently does not complete class work, they may be asked to make up the work at home. 

    If a parent or child requests additional homework, I am happy to provide resources. 

    If you have questions about my homework policy or anything I've assigned, don't hesitate to be in touch.