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    Marysville School is very excited to be participating in the Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) this year!

    We will be participating in the 3-5 grade division.  Participating students will get into teams of 4-5 students, split up the reading list, and prepare for battle.  The battles will consist of two teams (4 members at a time) competeing against each other, answering questions about the books.  The questions are either "in which book" questions that will have an answer naming the title and author of the book, or "content" questions that name the title and author of the book and the answer will be about that specific book.  If there are any OBOB questions, please direct them to Marysville's media specialist, Ms. Tucker (ctucker@pps.net).


    Cedar Mill Library

    The Cedar Mill Library website is a great OBOB resource! Click on the picture above for book information and practice questions.

    The 2023-2024 Book Lists are out! Click on through the slides to learn about each book! 

       3-5 Grade Books