About Us

  • Mary Rieke Cares

    Every student is important at Rieke. Our teaching staff is experienced, dedicated and committed to encouraging excellence while celebrating each child’s unique talents and individual successes. Children are inspired to be creative, taught to be responsible and encouraged to be respectful of themselves and others. 

    Mary Rieke Elementary School is proud of its strong tradition of excellence- a tradition that creates high expectations for student achievement within a warm and nurturing community of learners.


    Mary Rieke Inspires

    Lively and varied activities spark the students’ interests and imagination. Our large campus and state-of-the-art athletic field is the stage for spirited physical activity. Classroom instruction is enhanced and extended to provide rigorous challenge. Rieke provides a wealth of opportunity to encourage curious young minds to explore and grow in classroom and after school programs such as:

    • Garden Club
    • Chess Club
    • Instrumental and Vocal Music (Through M.U.S.E.)
    • Technology education
    • Arts and Science Fairs
    • LEGO engineering
    • Maker Space
    • Adventures in Spanish

    Mary Rieke Dreams

    The high level of achievement at Rieke is a reflection of the powerful partnership between home, school and community. Working together, we build success for children as they become competent people and caring citizens for tomorrow’s world.

    2023-24 Enrollment Numbers

    Total school enrollment for this is year is 303 students. Average class size is 25 students per class.