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    Library Checkout Update

    11/13/2020-LIBRARY PICK UP AND DROP OFF DAYS ARE CHANGING AGAIN-Beginning the week of November 16,2020, you will be able to pick up your books on Wednesdays only, regardless of your grade. 

    I need to remind you that there's no same week check out and pick up. The Google Form has a timestamp, so the check out week runs from Monday morning until Sunday just before Midnight.  That gives you seven days to choose books, and then pick them up the following week.

    Book hunting has officially begun!  If you haven't already, please peruse the Rieke Online Catalog, and then fill out the Book Request Google form and submit it!

    What day do I pick up my books?  You will always pick up books one week AFTER you have submitted your book request. Many students will request books every week, and others may wait two weeks before requesting again.  Both options are great! The schedule for book pick up and returns is below.

    Rieke Book Order Pick up/Returns Schedule

    Any Grade-Wednesdays 12:00-3:00

    The pick up/returns location will be outside of the office doors, under the breezeway.

    Allow one week between filling out the form and picking up your books-no same week pick-up.


    Please refer to the links on the left side of the Library page to access information, such as a Q and A letter outlining how I will get books in your hands, how-to videos, and the Google Book Request form which will be activated on Tuesday September 15th.

    Start making your list, and I look forward to sharing books with you once again!




    Mission Statement

    The mission of Rieke Elementary Library is to provide all students and staff with a developing collection of diverse and relevant titles representative of all cultures and backgrounds.  The Rieke Library will support standards and equity by collaborating with teachers, apply literacy instruction, and teach information literacy across all grade levels, ensuring students become lifelong, responsible users of information.


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    Amy Vaughan


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