• Curriculum

    At da Vinci Arts Middle School, we strive to sustain a robust and rigorous Arts-Focus option program for all students. |
    Students engage in our academic and arts program in a 6 period day with our regular bell schedule including 3 classes before lunch and three after. 

    Our Academic Program 
    da Vinci students have four core academic classes each day - see your students' teacher web page/calendars for specifics.

    6th grade students experience their academic courses with other 6th graders in a model designed to support their transition to Middle School.

    7th & 8th grade students experience mixed-upper grades classes for ELA, SS, and Science & are placed in their Math classes per the district trajectory.

    To enable the mixed upper grade classes, our teachers follow a 2-year curricular rotation. For example, in 2017-18 all 7/8G students engage in Medieval World Studies, and in 2018-19 they will be engaged in US History. Like other schools, da Vinci follows the PPS Instruction, Curriculum & Assessment deptartment's curricular materials, and our teacher's supplement as needed for their classes.

    • English Language Arts (ELA)- 2016 PPS ELA adoption of Inquiry by Design is a student-centered approach to developing literacy skills for reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
    • Social Studies (SS) - PPS SS courses: 6th grade is Ancient World Studies; and in 2016-17 our 7/8Gers engage in US History. (We follow a 2 year rotation cycle for upper mixed-grade, so in 2017-18 it will be Medieval World Studies.) 
    • Science- Starting in 2015, PPS Science began to align with NGSS by generating Integrated Science courses for 6-8G using the district SEPUP materials. Each year, students learn about content from all three of Earth, Life, and Physical Science.
    • Math- PPS District Math courses we offer: 6th, 7th, & 8th grade Common Core Math, and Compacted Math 1 (7G) and Compacted 2 (8G) per the district trajectory. Click the blue links for Compacted Math Placement Process info on that page for up-to-date district information regarding this process that occurs in the 6th grade school-year. Students who are placed into Compacted Math in 7th grade through the 6th grade process may be eligible for a high school credit of math thorugh successfully completing Compacted 2 in their 8th grade school-year. For more information about this, please feel free to connect with our Math teachers. 

    The arts are often used in the core academic classes as a way of engaging students, integrating content, and reinforcing learning.

    Our Arts Program
    - Most da Vinci students have two art classes each day.
    - da Vinci offers Dance to fulfill Physical Education requirements.
    - All students forecast for both Year-long and Explore arts preferences each year, and we strive to place students in one of their top 3 preferences.
    - New students to the school, including 6th graders, generally take the 2nd period Explore wheel (a rotation of four quarterly arts classes) alongside 7th and 8th graders who want only one term of Dance to meet their PE requirement.
    - 8th grade students engage in an Arts Capstone experience through a particular daily arts course approved by their arts teachers.

    2016-17 da Vinci Arts program:

    • Visual Arts - Year-long classes include 2D Visual Art, 3D Visual Art, and Textiles.
    • Music - Year-long classes include Beginning Band, Advanced Band (level determined by teacher) and Choir.
    • Dance - There are 4 levels of year-long Dance (level determined by teachers) all featuring a blend of tap, jazz, and ballet.
    • Drama - There are 3 levels of year-long drama classes (level determined by teacher).
    • Nine-week Explore arts classes include - 2D Art, 3D Art, African Drumming, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, and Guitar.

    Our Special Education Program
    Students who have qualified for Special Education services have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Students with IEPs at da Vinci are generally fully mainstreamed into the 4 academic classes and one arts class each day and also take a Study Skills class (in lieu of the second art class) through our Learning Center classrooms or our District-placed Communication Behavior Program.