Social Worker

  • Maureen Brennan, LCSW, C-SSWS

    Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday afternoons
    Cell phone: 503-319-7882, Office: 503-916-6355 x72762


    I am available to support students and families of Lane Middle School. I can:

    • Assist families with needs in order to support the health and well being of students and their families.
    • Refer students and families to Community Resources/Agencies for basic needs: that includes but is not limited to: food, clothing, shelter, as well as individual and group/family counseling.
    • Assist families to support student success in academics, attendance and behaviors.
    • Help to identify and meet the social/emotional/physical needs of students in order to ensure his/her/their educational success.
    • Maintain contact with families to meet the complex needs of students and families.
    • Provide referrals for basic needs such as food boxes, clothing, housing assistance, Title X.
    • Collaborate with staff members to focus on topics such as Social Emotional Learning curriculum, open dialogues about race, suicide screenings, grief loss, 1:1 student consultations, and substance use, etc.
    • Provide crisis intervention.
    • Play an integral role in various student support meetings such as Grade Level Teams, collaborate with School Counselors, Engagement Team, Student Support Team etc.