• Trio Talent Search


    September 2022

    Portland State University has the distinct honor of managing a Talent Search program to support Portland Public Schools. The primary goal of Talent Search is
    to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds finish high school and get into college.

    We are excited to partner with Lane Middle School, once again, to work with students to provide fun and educational experiences that enhance learning and provide exposure to post-secondary opportunities.


    What does Talent Search do?

    • Provide academic support.
    • Offer mentoring programs.
    • Schedule visits to college campuses.
    • Help prepare for college entrance exams, including the ACT and SAT.
    • Assist with selection of high school and college courses.
    • Provide career counseling.
    • Help fill out college applications.
    • Provide financial and economic literacy education.
    • Assistance with financial aid applications, scholarships, and FAFSA application


    Who is eligible?

    Middle and high school low-income and first-generation students, along with high school and college dropouts.


    What are the benefits?

    • Talent Search helps students get to college.
    • Talent Search helps students build successful academic habits.
    • Talent Search builds learning communities & connects students from similar backgrounds, providing them with a support system that can last for years.
    • Talent Search connects students with mentors and builds a support system before getting to high school and college.


    Lane Middle School contact is currently Carol Matsuzaki who is the Program Director. She can be reached at ubets@pdx.edu or 503-725-4458

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