• Get Ready for College & Career


    What does your future hold? Start now to plan your future and embark on a path to achieve your goals after high school and in life.

    How does my high school experience make me college & career ready?
    Make a plan for your high school years.

    Which careers are right for me?
    Explore Career Pathways
    Explore your interests and discover career opportunities out there for you.
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    Career Learning Opportunities
    Check out activities you can do now to learn about and build skills for careers.
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  • What are my education options after high school?

    A wide range of college degrees, programs, and training opportunities are available to prepare you for your career goals and interests.

    Community Colleges
    Earn an associates degree in two-years with an option to transfer to a four-year college. Or earn a license or certificate for a career in 1-2 years.
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    Four-Year Colleges
    Earn a bachelor's degree and pursue opportunities in a wide spectrum of jobs and/or graduate programs.
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    Receive training in skilled trades through coursework and work on-the-job.
    Explore apprenticeships

    Trade and Certification Programs
    Earn a license or certificate for a specific career in 1-2 years. (See Community Colleges).
    Learn about trade schools

    Gap Year Programs
    Spend a year of work and/or enrichment between high school and college.
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    Private Career Schools
    Receive training for a particular career from a non-traditional school.
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  • How will I pay?

    Financial Aid provides students with assistance to pay for postsecondary education. Today almost everyone needs some form of financial assistance.
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    Sources of Financial Aid
    Explore the different sources of financial aid and learn how to apply.
    Financial aid sources

    Financial Aid Resources
    Access tools and resources for planning.
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