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CTE/Career Pathways

CTE/Career Pathways

  • Portland Public Schools is committed to preparing its students for successful futures. One way is through PPS Pathways, a grade 6-12 initiative that offers students the academic foundation and career-related skills to prepare them for study at four-year colleges and universities, community colleges, technical institutions or other post-secondary training.

  • Pathway Descriptions

    Arts and Communication
    This Pathway is for people who are interested in the creative process, and express their ideas through art, music, words, drama, and communications. Career fields include fine and performing arts, humanities, and the communications industry.

    Business & Management Systems
    This Pathway is for people who like to plan projects, are detail oriented, and like organization. It is for students who are interested in the real world marketplace of ideas, products and people. Career fields include finance, accounting, hospitality/tourism, information systems, marketing and management.

    Health Services
    This Pathway is for people who like to work with people or animals, have strong science and inquiry skills, are interested in how the body works, and work well in teams. Career fields include health diagnosis, health promotion and intervention, athletic trainer, physician, physical therapist, nurse, and massage therapist.

    Human Resources
    This Pathway is for people who are interested in people’s needs, their growth and development and their safety and security. Career fields include criminal justice, fire services, education, public service, and family and social services.

    Industrial Engineering
    This pathway is for people who are mechanically inclined, logical, practical thinkers, and enjoy solving problems. Possible career fields include computer software engineer, civil engineer, electrician, architect, manufacturing, and construction.

    Natural Resources
    This pathway is for people who are interested in the physical world around them and understand our environment and the impact it has on our lives. It is for students who like to work outdoors or with plants and animals. Career fields include veterinarian, agriculture, horticulture, wildlife, forestry, fisheries, environmental scientist, and landscape architect.

CTE/Career Pathways Contacts

Aurora Terry
Sr. Director, College & Career Readiness
Jeanne Yerkovich
(503) 916-5450
Jay Keuter
Strategic Business Partnerships Manager
(503) 916-3464 (503) 936-9523 cell
Johana Nelson
Program Coordinator
(503) 916-3189
Jan Osborn
Progrm Coordinator
(503) 916-3930
Pauline Celino
Program Support
(503) 916-5114
Michelle McKelvey
Interim Program Support
(503) 916-3367