• Oregon Career Information Systems (CIS)

    CIS has been licensed for all PPS high schools. CIS provides supplemental career and college information for students.

    CIS also includes a rich catalog of lesson plans for teachers and counselors. After accessing CIS, click on the lower right under "Site Resources: Resources for Teachers and Counselors". Lesson plans are listed under "Discovery and Passage".

    Contact your school's Career Coordinator for access information.

    How to Login to Oregon CIS through SSO

    Students in grades 6-12 can access CIS using their SSO credentials from anywhere they have Internet access. This is useful for students who wish to use CIS from their home or other location, or who wish to use their own hardware while at school (e.g., laptops, cell phones) rather than district-sponsored hardware.

    1. Go to the portal page of CIS (https://oregoncis.uoregon.edu)

    2. Select the “Single Sign-On” button at the top of the login screen.


    3. Select your school district from the dropdown menu (PPS District will be listed starting Monday May 4). This will redirect students to the district’s login screen.


    4. Students enter their school district login credentials.


    5. Students will be redirected into CIS with their Portfolio accounts enabled.


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