college building

2 & 4 Year College and Universities

  • Community Colleges

    Community Colleges are open to everyone with a high school diploma or GED. They can prepare you for a specific career or trade, or be a stepping stone to a Bachelor’s degree. Tuition rates are usually the lowest among all types of colleges.

    Average time to degree: 1-3 years

    Possible degrees: Certificate, License, Associate, Transfer

    Funding type: Public


    • Portland Community College

    • Clackamas Community College

    • Mt. Hood Community College

    4-year Colleges and Universities

    4-year Colleges and Universities are institutions that primarily offer Bachelor’s degree programs. Entrance requirements vary, depending on how selective a college is. They can be public or private schools. Public universities offer in-state tuition so residents pay less than out-of-state students. Private colleges usually have higher tuition rates, but they may be able to provide more financial aid.

    Average time to degree: 4-6 years

    Possible degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Professional, Doctoral

    Funding type: Public, Private not-for-profit, Private for-profit


    • Warner Pacific University (private not-for-profit)

    • Portland State University (public)

    • Lewis & Clark College (private not-for-profit)

    • Oregon State University(public)