• Education Plan and Profile

    The Education Plan and Profile is a systematic plan and process that involves students in managing their own learning toward career and college readiness in grades 6-12. The Education Plan and Profile documents the student's progress and achievement toward career exploration, goals, personal accomplishments and graduation. In addition, the Ed Plan and Profile is required by statute (OAR 581-022-1130) as part of the Oregon Diploma. Click here to see the Oregon Department of Education's website about the Education Plan and Profile.

  • Grades 6-8: Exploration of self, world of work and high school

  • Grades 9-10: Academic and career planning

  • Grades 11-12: Post-secondary exploration and planning

    • Some of the elements of the Plan and Profile will be recorded in CIS Jr. and Maia Learning
    • Other elements will be recorded in other programs such as Google Drive
    • Students will be taught how to use CIS Jr and Maia Learning and enter appropriate info each year
    • Students will increasingly, over the years become responsible for maintaining the plan and profile
    • Students will engage their parents in their Plan and Profile process