•  IB Middle Years program

    For ages 11 - 16

    10 Reasons why the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) encourages you to become a creative, critical and reflective learner.  


    1. Become a life-long learner.

    Learn 'how to learn' using communication, research, self-management, collaboration and critical thinking skills.


    2. Learn by doing.

    Through the MYP communicty project you learn to help the community and connect what you learn in the classroom to "real life."


    3. The MYP encourages critical thinking.

    It teaches you to analyze and evaluate issues, generate unique ideas and consider new perspectives.  


    4. Explore global challenges.

    The MYP helps you increase your understanding of the world by exploring globally important ideas and issues.


    5. Learn for understanding.

    Not just to memorize facts or topics for an exam.


    6.  Train yourself to:

    - Organize and plan your work

    - Meet deadlines

    - Learn persistance

    - Concentrate and bounce back

    - Think positively!


    7.  Subjects are not taught in isolation.

    You are encouraged to make connections between different classes.


    8.  It teaches you how to develop your talents.

    Feel empowered to prove what you know and earn the MYP certificate or MYP course results.  


    9.  It prepares you for high school and college.

    Learn the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in your future education.


    10.  It encourages international-mindedness.

    The MYP helps you critically appreciate your own culture and personal history, as well as the values and traditions of others. 

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