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  • Woodstock Elementary Newsletter - January 8, 2020

    Hello Woodstock Families,

    Welcome back and Happy 2021!  It has been great to see students back in “classes” and so quickly adjusting back to the routines of Comprehensive Distance Learning.  I was able to join a couple classes and Monday and it was a real treat to see all the smiling faces and hear the excitement in their voices as they were able to reconnect with their peers and teachers.

    If there’s one thing that 2020 taught us, it is that we need to be resilient.  As we quickly discovered on Tuesday of this week, we will need to continue to show resilience in 2021.  We will also need to continue to focus on our values of Compassion, Curiosity, Integrity, and Perseverance.  The events of Tuesday have left an impact on all of us and I applaud our teachers for being so respectful and responsive to the needs of students during this time.

    You should have also received a message for Superintendent Guerrero regarding the January 6 incident (中文).  I’d like to echo his comments on remaining optimistic because of the strength of our community.

    During today’s Morning Meeting, I also introduced some concepts from one of my childhood role models, Mr. Rogers.  Through the Morning Meetings in the coming weeks, I hope to continue to share some of the lessons from Mr. Rogers and the importance of being neighborly.  If you’d like to preview some of the ideas I’ll be sharing, you can read the “Lessons from Mr. Rogers” article that I’ll be using as a reference.

    There are also two other important messages that were sent from the district earlier this week that have a direct impact on all students and families at Woodstock.  If you haven’t already read them, please be sure to read Initial Plans for Reopening Schools (中文) and the continuation of the Enrollment and Program Balancing (中文) work.

    This week has flown by and I’m sure that the rest of the month will as well.  As we quickly approach the start of the third quarter, I’d like to share a few updates in preparation for the upcoming reporting of student progress:

    • Assessment Window - With all the challenges that distance learning has brought to this school year, conducting valid assessments and collecting student growth and achievement data has been one of the hurdles.  At the end of this month, teachers will be completing report cards to share the progress of students this year.  To allow for authentic assessments, please plan on potential changes to your child’s regular CDL schedule during the weeks of January 25 and February 1.  Teachers may alter the whole group or small group live instruction time in order to ensure they can provide current and accurate assessment data for the mid-year report card.  More information will be coming from your child’s teacher if their schedule is impacted, but we wanted to give you advance warning.
    • “No Evidence” Rating on Report Card - When you receive your child’s report card, you may see some marks of “No Evidence.”  This can mean one of two things: 1.) It can mean that this is an area that has yet to be fully taught and/or assessed; or, 2.) It can mean that your child has not participated in the activities, during live instruction or through SeeSaw, demonstrating enough evidence to assess. Teachers will provide information in advance if there are areas identified as “No Evidence” for the whole class.  For students with individual marks of “No Evidence,” teachers will provide an explanation in the comments section of the report card.
    • Attendance - I’d also like to stress the importance of attendance.  We understand that due to the challenges of the pandemic and CDL, attendance is not always possible.  However, it is important to have your child attend live instruction as much as possible.  If there are circumstances that are preventing your child from being able to regularly attend, please contact your child’s teacher(s).

    Please see additional information about upcoming events, the PTA, and Shu Ren at the bottom of this message. 

    Finally, thanks for helping make the transition back to school after winter break a smooth one.  Although we do miss seeing students in person, we value the opportunity to work with them virtually.

    Have a great weekend!

    With Woodstock Pride, 

    Seth Johnson, Principal
    Woodstock Elementary 

    Upcoming Events

    January 14, Time TBA - PTA Meeting
    January 14, 6:00-8:00 PM - Enrollment and Program Balancing Meeting
    January 18 - No School (Holiday)
    January 22, 2:30-3:30 PM - Site Council
    January 26, 11:00 AM-8:00 PM - PTA Primal Burger Dine Out (See more information below.)
    January 28 - End of Quarter Two
    January 29 - No School (Teacher Work Day)
    February 4 - Start of Quarter Three
    February 16 - 4:00-8:00 PM - PTA Hopworks Dine-Out (See more information below.)

    PTA Update

    Join the PTA for a general meeting on January 14 at a time to be announced. Elections will take place for a new President, Vice President and Treasurer.

    There are two upcoming PTA Dine Outs:

    Tuesday, January 26 from 11-8pm 
    Dick’s Primal Burger (4905 SE Woodstock Blvd). Place orders on Dick’s website or call 971-229-0786. 

    Tuesday, February 16 from 4-8pm
    Hopworks Urban Brewery (2944 SE Powell Blvd). Place orders by calling (503) 232-HOPS. 

    Woodstock PTA gets 10% of revenue from your take-out orders.

    The PTA is in need of your photos of your student(s) for the school yearbook. You can go to and use access code 5601Lions. Fill in all the pertinent information so that your child can be tagged with the correct name and grade.

    Shu Ren Update

    Shu Ren is looking for parents that are interested in joining the DLI Advisory committee. We have been tasked by the DLI department to look for both Chinese speaking parents and non-Chinese speaking parents to join. For those that join it would consist of the time commitment of 1-2 meetings a month from January - March at about 2 hours per meeting. If interested please email


  • Woodstock Morning Meeting - January 8, 2021

    Hello Woodstock Families,

    Please see the first Morning Meeting of 2021 and the PICCs of the Week for January 8, 2021.

    Have a good weekend and see you soon.

  • Let's Get Reading is Back!

    Happy 2021! We are able to resume our Let's Get Reading book bag pick-ups starting this Friday 1/8! Please fill out this form (even if you've signed-up before) to let Mrs. Lingo know you're ready for new books. Please reach out to Mrs. Lingo ( with questions. 

  • Woodstock Newsletter - December 21, 2020

    Hello Woodstock Families,

    I hope you are able to enter into winter break and unwind from what has been an unbelievable 2020.  Although this year has brought us all sorts of challenges, I encourage you to also think about the silver linings this year had brought.  A silver lining for me is being associated with the Woodstock Community and seeing the daily displays of Compassion, Curiosity, Integrity, and Perseverance. It is truly warming to see our community can come together and support each other through adversity.

    There is really no match for in-person learning, but I’m proud of our students, families, and staff for making the most of the circumstances we’ve been dealt.  

    As we enter 2021, I know we will continue to face challenges, but I also know that this community will continue to rise from the challenges and continue to show Woodstock Pride. 

    From all the staff at Woodstock, we wish you a relaxing and rejuvenating winter break.  We hope you are able to, safely, enjoy time with those important in your lives.  Take care and we look forward to seeing you in 2021! 

    With Woodstock Pride,

    Seth Johnson, Principal
    Woodstock Elementary 

    Upcoming Events

    December 21-January 1 - Winter Break (No CDL)
    December 28, 4:30-9:30 PM - PTA Dine Out/Take Out at Bai Mint (10% of Revenue to the PTA)
    January 4 - Return from Winter Break (CDL Resumes)
    January 14, 5:00 PM - PTA Meeting
    January 18 - No School (Holiday)
    January 22, 2:30-3:30 PM - Site Council
    January 28 - End of Quarter Two
    January 29 - No School (Teacher Work Day)
    February 4 - Start of Quarter Three

    Grounding Moment

    This tool was shared during our last two morning meetings and I wanted to provide a copy of the Grounding Moment document one more time for you to use over the break. 

    Valerie Walton - New Counselor

    As mentioned in our last newsletter, I’m excited to introduce our new School Counselor who will be starting on January 4.  Please see the brief introduction from our new School Counselor, Valerie Walton:

    Greetings! My name is Valerie Walton, and I am so excited to join Woodstock Elementary School. I am currently in my second year of Lewis & Clark’s graduate school counseling program, and I will graduate this summer. In addition to pursuing my passion in school counseling, I am also a recent graduate of Lewis & Clark College where I received my Masters of Arts in Teaching. I have been currently employed with Beaverton School District as a contracted substitute.  I have been teaching students in grades K-12 in general education, counseling, ESOL, and SPED. I have discovered through these experiences that my true calling is working with students in a one-on-one setting where I am able to really delve into creating a profound and supportive relationship. I have also found that my most meaningful work is the times I am able to offer a role of advocacy to the student as well as providing guidance. In my spare time, I enjoy long walks with my Labradoodle, Benny, and running with my husband. 

    News from the PTA

    • Bai Mint Dine Out/Take Out - The PTA was able to schedule a last minute Dine Out with Bai Mint on Woodstock Boulevard.  The Dine Out is on December 28 from 4:30 to 9:30 PM.  10% of the revenue will come back to the Woodstock PTA
    • Scavenger Hunt - Keep busy over Winter Break, and see if you can find all 24 places on this year’s Winter Scavenger Hunt. Most are within walking distance of Woodstock Elementary School, although a few are further out in the Woodstock Neighborhood.You can find more information on the PTA Website.  You can also download the scavenger hunt sheet.  Good luck and happy hunting!

    Enrollment and Program Balancing Update

    More detailed information should be coming from the district after Winter Break, but at last week’s SE Guiding Coalition Meeting the coalition finalized a recommendation to determine the enrollment structure of Kellogg Middle School as it opens in the Fall of 2021.  Deputy Superintendent Hertz will present this recommendation to the  School Board on January 12, 2021. 

    Neither Woodstock nor the Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program is directly impacted by the Phase 1 recommendation, but will be very much a part of the Phase 2 discussion.  Families are strongly encouraged to continue to follow the updates regarding Phase 2.

    Below are the next steps of the Phase 1 process:

    • January 12 - Board meeting to discuss SEGC Recommendation for Phase 1 including criteria Coalition used to pick the best option
    • January 14 - SEGC meets as needed to respond to Board requests
    • January 26 - Board meeting to approve SEGC Recommendation for Phase 1

    Phase 2 of the process will begin mid to late February 2021. The Project area will expand to include southeast schools and some schools on the northeast border. The coalition has prioritized boosting BIPOC representation in the coalition and increasing student voice. 

    The community can continue to share feedback with the coalition here:

    You can review the meeting materials and other information as well as find links to upcoming meetings on the EPB Website. 







    塞思·约翰逊(Seth Johnson),校长



    12月28日下午4:30-9:30-PTA在Bai Mint用餐/外卖(PTA收入的10%)


    我们在最近的两次上午会议上共享了此工具,我想提供一份接地时刻 记录一次,供您在休息期间使用。


    • Bai Mint进餐/外出-PTA可以在Woodstock Boulevard与Bai Mint一起用餐。用餐时间为12月28日下午4:30至9:30。收入的10%将归还给伍德斯托克PTA
    • 寻宝游戏-忙着寒假,看看今年是否可以找到所有24个地方冬季清道夫匈奴Ť 。大部分都在伍德斯托克小学的步行范围内,尽管只有少数几个在伍德斯托克社区附近。 PTA网站。您也可以下载清道夫狩猎表。祝你好运,狩猎愉快! 





    • 1月12日-董事会会议讨论SEGC关于第一阶段的建议,包括联盟用来选择最佳方案的标准
    • 1月14日-SEGC根据需要召开会议以回应董事会的要求
    • 1月26日-董事会会议批准SEGC第1阶段建议



    您可以查看会议资料和其他信息,以及在以下位置找到即将举行的会议的链接: EPB网站

  • Woodstock Morning Meeting - December 18, 2020

    Happy Friday and the last day of CDL before Winter Break.

    Please the last Morning Meeting of 2020 and the PICCs of the Week.

    Have a great break and we'll see you in 2021!

  • Woodstock Newsletter - December 11, 2020

    Upcoming Events

    • December 21-January 1: Winter Break
    • January 4: Return to CDL From Winter Break

    Book Fair Deliveries

    Our online book fair raised around $600 for the library! Mrs. Lingo will spend those funds directly on books to add to our collection. Thank you for the support.

    Your book orders are scheduled to arrive at the school early next week. We’ll devise a plan for safe distribution, since many people purchased them as holiday gifts. More information coming soon.

    Also, if you purchased a book for a teacher, Mrs. Lingo will deliver them with a note saying who the gift is from. 

    Season of Sharing

    There’s still time to fulfill holiday wishes for Woodstock families in need of assistance. If you want to give, follow the directions on our Season of Sharing list on Gift Hero.

    The last opportunity to drop off wrapped gifts at the school is Wednesday, December 16 from 2:30 - 4:00 pm.

    TAG Nomination Extended

    The nomination process for TAG identification has been extended through December 18. Parents, teachers and students can fill out a nomination form. You’ll find it here: Talented and Gifted / TAG Nomination Forms by School.  

    Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

    OBOB at Woodstock is happening! 3rd through 5th graders are invited to form teams of 3-5 kids - with a coach to lead. Registration is due by December 18. New this year, younger siblings are welcome to join a team of mostly 3rd, 4th or 5th graders. (Parents this is at your discretion as the books are chosen with 3rd-5th graders in mind.)

    "Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You” Parents/Guardians Book Club

    Join SE (Cleveland Cluster) parents/guardians as we discuss the book Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You. Organized by Hosford’s parent/guardian equity group, the book club will meet online on Thursdays 1/14, 1/28  and 2/11 from 7-8:30 pm using Zoom. 

    Depending on who signs up, there's the possibility of break-out groups for parents/guardians who are Spanish-speaking, Mandarin-speaking, BIPOC, or white parents/guardians of BIPOC kids.

    A free digital copy of the book is available to all parents (with PPS student login, instructions on the registration page). There’s also a limited number of copies of the physical book available for parents/guardians to borrow for free. To help us plan, please complete this form by December 18.

    PTA Update

    If you ordered Woodstock Spirit Wear, the PTA will be sharing details soon on how you can get your orders.

    Keep up-to-date on PTA happenings by signing up to receive the newsletter. Go here and enter your email address. Be sure to join the PTA while you're at it!

    December Meal Services

    The Nutrition Services department will provide extra meals each service day to help keep our students with access to food as we head into the winter break. Each service day through December 16, it will be providing 3 days worth of meals for each child. On Friday, December 18, it will provide each child with a food box that will contain enough food for 7 days. PPS will not be serving or delivering meals December 21 through January 1. Meal services resume Monday, January 4. Visit the website for additional resources.

  • Enrollment and Program Balancing Update

    A quick update regarding SEGC for you to use as-is or to support information you share with your families:

    Last night (Dec 10), the Southeast Guiding Coalition met to continue to narrow and refine Kellogg options using the Racial Equity and Social Justice lens. Next week will be the final meeting for phase one of this process where the Coalition will work to finalize a recommendation to the School Board. If you would like to watch next week’s meeting, you can view it live on Dec 17 at 6 pm here.  You can also always watch later at the same link.

    The decision for phase one of this process focuses on the enrollment structure for the opening of Kellogg Middle School and takes place in January so that Kellogg Middle School can open by Fall of 2021. 

    Next steps:

    On January 12, the Board will review, discuss the proposal, and have an opportunity to request more info from Southeast Guiding Coalition. The Board will vote on January 26.

    Phase two of this process begins in the spring. 

     Stay involved:

    Families can still offer feedback and find out more information about the SE Guiding Coalition on the enrollment and program balancing page.

  • Woodstock Morning Meeting - December 11, 2020

    Happy Friday!  Please see today's Morning Meeting and the PICCs of the Week.

    Also, please take a look at the "Grounding Document" that was referenced in the Morning Meeting.

     Grounding Moment-English   Grounding Moment-Chinese  

    Have a great "grounded" Friday.

  • Woodstock Update - December 6, 2020

    Dear Woodstock Families,

    I hope you are all well and staying safe. 

    There are a few important updates I’d like to share as we enter the last two weeks before winter break.

    “Let’s Get Reading” and Materials Distributions on Hold

    As successful and popular as the Woodstock “Let’s Get Reading” (LGR) Library Book Exchange has been, it was difficult to suspend that program when Multnomah County entered a two week “freeze.”

    With the increasing COVID cases across our county and state, as well as the continually shifting guidance, we have suspended LGR and grade level materials distributions through the end of December.  We look forward to returning to LGR and other safe distributions of materials in January and we will reevaluate as we return to Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) after the break.

    For some unique or special circumstances, there may be some distributions that occur over the next two weeks, but those will be handled through the office staff if they occur.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    Enrollment and Program Balancing (EPB)

    At last week’s SE Guiding Coalition Meeting, there was an intentional focus to narrow the coalition’s work to looking solely at filling Kellogg Middle School for next fall.  Schools not identified to feed into Kellogg will be addressed in the spring, for Phase Two of the SE Guiding Coalition’s work.

    The scenarios were condensed into six options.  Only one option included Woodstock’s feeder pattern in the proposal.  At the end of the meeting, of the breakout groups that came to a consensus, Woodstock feeding to Kellogg was not identified as a preferred option.  Although no decisions were made, most of the discussion was geared toward Spanish DLI feeding into Kellogg.

    The next SE Guiding Coalition Meetings are scheduled for December 10 and December 17.

    You can review the meeting materials and other information as well as find links to upcoming meetings on the EPB Website.

    Woodstock Facility Work and Upgrades

    Even though Woodstock is closed, there continues to be a lot of work and upgrades happening at our school.  If you live in the neighborhood, you may have heard the new outdoor speakers.  These are a part of a school wide upgrade for our intercom and emergency broadcast system.  We have had safety concerns about the ability of our old system to reach all students and staff, so we are excited for this upgrade.

    There has also been a lot of interior painting in our building.  This includes classrooms, lockers, and hallways.  As the district has been looking at doing a refresh, the Kindergarten hallway has been identified as a hallway needing a fresh coat of paint.  Some of you may recall that in the Kindergarten hallway, there are some old paintings/murals along the side of each classroom door.  These paintings indicate the classroom number, about the height of the door, and some animated characters.

    Over the years, these have been chipped and damaged are approaching a point that we need to consider covering them as a part of the painting in the hallway.  For any school art, there is a process we need to follow for covering or removing the art.  The process starts with identifying the artist.  Unfortunately, there is no known artist for these paintings, nor is there a signature.  If you have any information about the history of these paintings or the artist, please contact us.

    Also, if you have questions or concerns about the removal of these paintings, please email me directly at 

    Staffing Update

    Finally, I’d like to end a positive note.  You may be aware, but over the past several months, we have been working to hire a Counselor to work alongside Mr. Kosmas.  I’m happy to share that we have extended an offer and that our candidate has accepted the position.  Right now, the candidate is working with our Human Resources Department to finalize the details or the position, complete a background check, and secure the appropriate counseling license.

    We hope to formally introduce and announce our new Counselor in the coming weeks!

    With Woodstock Pride, 

    Seth Johnson, Principal
    Woodstock Elementary

  • Woodstock Newsletter - December 4, 2020

    Upcoming Events

    • December 8: PTA Dine Out at DeNicola's Italian Dining 4:00-9:00 PM
    • December 11: Site Council Meeting 2:30-3:30 PM
    • December 21-January 1: Winter Break
    • January 4: Return to CDL From Winter Break

    Season of Sharing

    There’s still time to participate as a “giver” this season and fulfill holiday wishes for Woodstock families in need of assistance. Follow the directions on our Season of Sharing list on Gift Hero. Wrapped gifts can be dropped off at the school (5601 SE 50th Ave, Portland, OR 97206) on the dates below:

    • Monday, December 7: 2:30 - 4:00 pm
    • Wednesday, December 9: 2:30 - 4:00 pm
    • Wednesday, December 16: 2:30 - 4:00 pm

    Email with questions. 

    TAG Nominations Due

    All TAG nomination forms are due today. If you requested a form yourself, or if your student's teacher nominated them, please check your inbox. If you’d like to still nominate your student, email their full name and their homeroom teacher to Woodstock's TAG facilitator Candace Jahn today. Testing for TAG has been postponed until Spring 2021, pending our return to in person instruction. 

    Site Council

    The next Woodstock Site Council meeting is set for Friday, December 11 at 2:30. Please join us via Google Meet.

    PTA Dine Out

    Dine out at DeNicola's Italian restaurant on Tuesday, December 8. 15% of sales from all orders placed between 4-9 PM go right back to support our school! See the menu at then call 503-239-5221 to order. 

    餐馆就餐/外卖 餐馆: DeNicola's 时间:12月8日周二 


    地址: 3520 SE Powell Blvd 


    订餐电话: (503) 239-5221

    Middle School Transfer Information

    5th grade families may have received a letter from the district that shares the middle school that their student is set to attend next year, based on your address and the boundary.

    If you’re interested in petitioning for your student to transfer to a different middle school or focus school, the deadline is December 11 at 5:00 pm.

    You’ll find more information at the Enrollment and Transfer department's page linked here. You’ll see a button that says "Apply Now" which will direct you to the application.

    Email Ponny Kosmas with any questions.

    Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

    OBOB at Woodstock is on! While there won’t be a regional or state competition this year, we’ll have our own (likely virtual) tournament this Spring! 3rd- 5th graders are invited to form teams of 3-5 kids with a coach to lead.

    New this year: (We have flexibility since there isn’t a regional tournament so our team has made a few adjustments!)

    • Younger siblings are welcome to join a team of mostly 3rd, 4th or 5th graders. (Parents this is at your discretion as the books are chosen with 3rd-5th graders in mind.)
    • For teams with 5 members - all 5 can participate in each battle!
    • There will be a combination of “points only” competitions (where teams will be asked all 16 questions and try to get as many points as they can) and traditional battles where two teams will compete against each other.

    Registration is due by Friday, December 18. Sign up via this Registration Link

    Free Virtual Parent Workshops

    Parenting Workshop: Join a free workshop on parenting through the holidays, during a pandemic. It will include brief presentations, resources and strategies for parents. The workshop is on Thursday, December 10 from 6:00-7:30. 

    Early Reading Skills: This workshop is designed to help parents grow their K-3 students into strong readers. It will have ideas for making reading fun with the goal of reading by 4th grade. Parents will receive a workbook. Sessions are offered in English and Spanish. This workshop is free, but you must register by Monday, December 7 via this link.

    • Friday, December 11: 4:00-6:00pm English (with Translation)
    • Saturday, December 12: 10:00am-Noon Spanish
  • Woodstock Morning Meeting and PICCs - December 4

    Good Morning Woodstock Families,

    Please see today's Morning Meeting and the PICCs of the Week.

    Have a great rest of your day!

  • Woodstock Conferences with Links

    Hello Woodstock Families,

    Please remember that we have conferences on Monday and Tuesday of this week and that there is no CDL this week.  The next day for CDL will be November 30.

    For conferences, please use your child's teacher's Conference Link to join the conference at your scheduled time.

    Please note that you have to be admitted to the meeting by a teacher.  Teachers will be working hard to stay on schedule, but please be patient if there is a bit of a wait.

    The conference registration window is closed, so if you haven't scheduled a conference yet, you'll need to email the teacher(s) directly to do so.

    Also, you can "drop in" to meet with specialists.  Their schedule is also on the Conference Links page, near the bottom.

    Have a great rest of your weekend and we'll see you on Monday or Tuesday.

  • Woodstock Message and Updates - November 22, 2020

    Dear Woodstock Families,

     As conferences are coming to a close, I hope that you all had an opportunity to connect with your child’s teacher(s).  The student-teacher-parent communication triad is an important piece of any successful educational experience, but definitely a vital component of Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).  We appreciate you taking the time to prioritize this important event.

    If you were unable to attend conferences, you will receive a conference summary from your child’s teacher(s) in the coming weeks.

    Heading into the Thanksgiving weekend, I want to pause and share my gratitude for all of you: students, families, and teachers.  The CDL journey is by no means an easy task and I’m very proud of how you all have stepped up to the challenges we have faced this year.  There is still a lot of work to do to continue to improve CDL, but it has been great to see student learning and growth despite the challenges of CDL.

    I also want to acknowledge that the current Enrollment and Program Balancing process can bring additional anxiety and stress.  Although there is a lot to still be finalized in this process and your involvement is important, it does allow us to see and recognize many of the great things in our lives for which we can be thankful.  I hope that you all make time to reflect and appreciate the things which we sometimes take for granted.

    Finally, I’d like to highlight that in 2009, the day after Thanksgiving was designated Native American Heritage Day.  This is a great reminder that the experiences and perspectives of our diverse community are all unique.  I encourage you to take some time over the next few days to think about others’ experiences, including those that may be alternative to our own.  One place to start is the Smithsonian’s American Indian Perspective on Thanksgiving in North America.  This site has some useful resources and links.  I hope you can take a look and engage in some conversation about varied experiences of shared events. 

    However you spend the next few days, please make some time for appreciation, relaxation, and connection...and be safe.

    With Woodstock Pride, 

    Seth Johnson, Principal
    Woodstock Elementary

    Additional Woodstock Updates:

    Site Council

    If you haven’t done so yet, please be sure to vote for a Site Council Family Representative.

    Enrollment and Program Balancing (EPB)

    At the Virtual Open House last week, the district has proposed an EPB scenario that will have a significant impact on the future of Woodstock, including Mandarin DLI program location and feeder school plan.  DLI and Neighborhood families are strongly encouraged to view the proposal and other information on the Open House website. 

    K-2nd Technology

    If you are currently borrowing a device from PPS, please be on the lookout for an email from Tabitha with information about a technology update/upgrade. 

    Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB)

    OBOB at Woodstock is on! While there won’t be a regional or state competition this year, we will have our own (likely virtual) tournament (with a few new components) this Spring! 3rd- 5th graders are invited to form teams of 3-5 kids - with a coach to lead. Registration is open now and due by Friday, December 18th. A team of parents and Mrs. Lingo are co-running the program this year - we're excited that we can keep this fun event going even through pandemic times!

    New this year: (We have a little more flexibility since there isn’t a regional tournament so our team has decided to make a few adjustments!)

    • Younger siblings are welcome to join a team of mostly 3rd, 4th or 5th graders. (Parents this is at your discretion as the books are chosen with 3rd-5th graders in mind.)
    • For teams with 5 members - all 5 can participate in each battle!
    • There will be a combination of “points only” competitions (where teams will be asked all 16 questions and try to get as many points as they can) and traditional battles where two teams will compete against each other.

    Registration Link 

  • Woodstock Book Fair Links

    Good Morning,

    Please see the Woodstock specific links to the book fair below:

    Direct Link:  
    Code: 97818

    Unfortunately, the previous links were to a generic book fair site, not Woodstock specific.

    Thanks and happy book shopping.

  • Woodstock Newsletter - November 20, 2020

  • Woodstock Morning Meeting - November 20, 2020

    Good Morning Woodstock Families,

    Please see this week's Morning Meeting and the PICCs of the Week.

    Have a great Friday.

  • Fall 2020 Conference Login Links

  • Postponing "Let's Get Reading" Library Pick-Up

    Hello Woodstock Families,

    Unfortunately, we are postponing the "Let's Get Reading" Library Book Bag Program due to the statewide "freeze."

    Although we have been implementing physical distancing protocols, we want to take the extra measure and following the state's guidance and suspend the pick-up and drop-off events.  The safety of our students, families, and staff is a priority.

    Future pick-up and drop-off dates are also on hold until further notice.

    However, please know that if you submitted a request for books, those will be ready when the freeze is lifted.  If you currently have books that you were planning to return, please hold onto those books until the program resumes.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or Mrs. Lingo at

    Thanks for your understanding.


    Seth Johnson, Principal

    Woodstock Elementary

  • Woodstock Newsletter - November 13, 2020

  • Woodstock Morning Meeting and PICCs of the Week

    Good Morning and Happy Friday,

    Please see this week's Morning Meeting and PICCs.

    Have a great rest of the day and good weekend.