• Woodstock Curriculum


    Oregon State Benchmarks

    Mandarin Curriculum

    Academic Enrichment



    Woodstock utilizes the district adopted Bridges Math Program, Every Day Counts and Problem Solver programs. These programs emphasize real-world problem solving and deep understanding of key mathematical concepts. Students learn the basic facts and operations, but also learn to reason mathematically.

    For our Immersion students, math calculation or arithmetic is taught in Mandarin in grades K-2 while all other strands of math, (i.e. measurement, time, algebraic reasoning and geometry) are taught in their English class. Mandarin students in grades 3-5 split their math instruction between both partner languages.



    The main literacy components (communication, reading, literature, writing and spelling) contain the following elements:

    • Opportunities to communicate to a variety of audiences in addition to listening effectively to gather information.
    • Kid Writing: Guided writing instruction to enable students to become efficient writers in a variety of genres.
    • Skills instruction (e.g., phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, phonics, decoding, word recognition and vocabulary development) to develop accurate and fluent readers.
    • Comprehension strategies to develop complex thinking skills, construct meaning, and reflect on and respond to text from a variety of genres.
    • Instruction on concepts and strategies through shared/guided reading and literature groups to become lifelong readers.
    • We utilize the new Scott Foresman, Reading Street (2008) adoption.



    Woodstock uses science kits developed for Portland Public Schools. The kits are grade level specific. Each covers a biological, earth, or physical science strand. The kits are structured to provide a great deal of hands on experimentation. Students are guided through a series of discovery activities focused on a specific topic.

    All our Immersion students currently receive their science instruction while participating in their Mandarin class.


    Social Studies

    Our Social Studies program focuses on the following subject areas by grade level: kindergarten: families, 1st grade: neighborhoods, 2nd grade: communities, 3rd grade: Portland, 4th grade: Oregon history, and 5th grade: US history.