We offer a 50/50 instructional model from kindergarten through 5th grade. Students spend half their day learning in English and the other half learning in Mandarin. The program is structured on the total language learning approach incorporating content-based instruction, explicit language instruction, and experiential language learning practices. Students learn the simplified Mandarin writing system, or hanzi. Expressive and receptive language development is emphasized in all stages of the program.

    Program Goal

    Our goal is that by completion of the K-12 program our students will be functionally proficient in speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin and have a strong appreciation for cultural diversity.

    Cultural Exchanges

    Woodstock enjoys a sister school relationship with Suzhou Experimental Primary School in Suzhou, China. This creates opportunities for cultural exchange.


    Please refer to our Mandarin Curriculum page for more information.

    Key Program Features

    • A 50/50 immersion model; students receive instruction in English half of the day and in Mandarin for the other half of the day.
    • Content-based instruction beginning in kindergarten and continuing through fifth grade.
    • Explicit instruction to heighten awareness of language forms in age appropriate ways
    • Experiential learning to provide opportunities for contextualized language use.
    • Clear proficiency goals for each grade level
    • Expressive and receptive language development is emphasized at all grade levels.
    • An integrated assessment to measure student progress toward these goals.

    How to Apply 申请信息

    Please refer to the Lottery and Transfer information page for details. 

    School Visits for Educators

    As the elementary school site of Portland Public Schools Mandarin Chinese Immersion, we also welcome visits from educator delegations at various stages in developing their own Mandarin immersion programs.

    For more information, please contact the Department of Dual Language