• Attendance and Changes to Daily Dismissal

    Please notify the Woodstock Office if your student will be out of school for any reason - illness, family leave, vacation, etc - as well as changes to their daily dismissal.

    EMAIL: woodstockattend@pps.net
    PHONE: 503-916-6380

    We do require written notification of all changes to your students' dismissal or student records information. Email is preferred.


    From the PPS Student Responsibilities, Rights and Discipline Handbook

    Students are expected to attend school and classes regularly and on time. Parents/guardians are legally responsible to have their children in school. The parent/guardian may notify school staff of absences and/or tardiness by sending a note, email, fax, or leaving a voicemail or message. The following absences are excused when the parent/guardian informs school staff of: student illness, family illness requiring student’s presence, religious holidays, death in a family, prearranged doctor or dentist appointments. Notification must occur within three (3) days of the absence and should include: the date, the name of the student, the reason for the absence, and the signature of the parent/guardian. When it is necessary for parents/guardians to pick up their child before the regular dismissal time, they should come to the school office. The office cannot release a student to anyone who is not listed on the child’s emergency information form. If parents/guardians are sending someone else to pick up a student, prior written arrangements must be made with the school office. Students should make up all work missed and will receive credit for make-up work for excused absences. State law requires schools to withdraw students who are absent ten (10) consecutive school days for any reason.