• Woodstock Elementary School enjoys a collective pride of historical heritage while remaining a 21st century school of excellence. Situated on a tree-lined street adjacent to Woodstock Park, the school celebrated one hundred years of offering a strong educational program in 2010-2011.

    Woodstock provides a unique learning environment, blending a Mandarin Immersion program with a traditional English only program in grades K-5. Students in the Immersion program receive Mandarin instruction for half the day and English instruction the other half of the day. Students in the English only program remain with their English teacher all day. The English only and Immersion Kindergarten classes are both full day tuition based programs. We currently serve approximately 492 students from kindergarten through fifth grade, with about two thirds of the student population enrolled in the Immersion program.

    We are committed to providing our students with well rounded intellectual, emotional, physical and social opportunities that respectfully reflect and explore the various cultures and diversity found within our school and the larger neighborhood.

    Both the Mandarin Immersion and English only programs are linked in a variety of ways to ensure that the school operates as one learning community. A community in which each student develops a positive self concept while learning the citizenship skills needed to successfully play, work, and learn with others. We follow the Lifelong Guidelines of:

    • Trustworthiness
    • Truthfulness
    • Active Listening
    • No Put Downs
    • Personal Best

    These Lifelong Guidelines form the foundation for our interactions with students. All of our staff are trained in the LifeSkills and Second Steps or Steps to Respect friendship skills/anti bullying curricula.

    Enrollment in the English only program is open to any family living within the school attendance boundaries. Families may register through the school office. Enrollment in the Mandarin Immersion program is through a district lottery system. For information about this process, please see the link for the PPS Enrollment and Transfer Office on our Home Page.

    Woodstock School Philosophy

    Vision Statement

    We, at Woodstock School, in cooperation with parents and the community, strive to provide for each child the opportunity for maximum growth in intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. We believe all elementary students are diverse learners with unique needs. For them to be successful, a variety of learning experiences are needed. Therefore, the staff at Woodstock School uses a variety of learning strategies including cooperative learning, hands-on activities, technology, and thematic units.

    The Mission of Woodstock School is to:

    1. Provide basic skills instruction in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, second language learning, fine arts, and physical education. An integrated curriculum is used to assist students in achieving the state standards.
    2. Provide enrichment opportunities that promote academic excellence, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.
    3. Support a diverse school community by promoting respect, understanding, and acceptance of differences in the backgrounds of students and families.
    4. Provide a positive school climate, which is safe, inclusive, and encourages the children to appropriately solve problems, make decisions, and manage their own behavior.
    5. Provide opportunities to learn a second language, Mandarin Chinese, and increase cultural awareness through the immersion or the distance-learning model.

    We believe that in conjunction with teachers; parents, peers, and community members play a direct role in the educating, fostering a love of learning, and the social development of Woodstock School students.