•  Woodstock Family Engagement and Volunteer Opportunities

    Woodstock Elementary offers a variety of opportunities for parents/guardians to be involved with the school and district.  Your involvement and participation is welcomed, appreciated, and encouraged.

    There are a variety of engagement, communication, and advisory groups at Woodstock, including the following:

    Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    The Woodstock PTA offers an opportunity for parents, guardians, and community members to become involved in supporting Woodstock students and staff through participating in school related activities.  The PTA Meeting schedule can be found on the school website and the PTA website at www.woodstock-pta.org.  The PTA assists with organizing volunteers for classroom teachers, school event support, and helping with school wide activities.  If you have a special skill or talent that you’d like to share, please contact the PTA to see how you can contribute.

    Woodstock Elementary Foundation (WEF)

    The Woodstock Elementary Foundation is a volunteer, parent/guardian led non-profit organization that raises money to support teaching positions and other critical resources for Woodstock Elementary.  In addition to their fundraising efforts, the WEF works with the school administration to identify the needs of the school and collaborate on solution-based fundraising. The WEF holds semi-annual board meetings, but also provides reports and updates at general PTA meetings.  If you are interested in learning more about the WEF or are interested in joining, please visit www.thewoodstockfoundation.org

    Site Council

    The purpose of the Site Council is to increase student achievement. It is the policy of the School Board to establish Site Councils in each of the district's schools.  It is the Board's belief that when a group of people, who represent different parts of an educational community, come together to work in a collaborative manner to improve education, student achievement will increase.  The Site Council should be composed of teachers, adult family members of students, the principal and classified district personnel. The council may also include persons identified by the school community as having particular benefit for council membership, such as business representatives, community members, students or other district staff. 

    Member of Site Council are elected, but meetings are open to all.  Meeting dates and times are advertised in the school’s weekly newsletter.

    Equity Team

    The Woodstock Equity Team focuses on providing an equitable learning experience for all students at Woodstock.  The team applies culturally responsive approaches to build the capacity to deepen the collective staff understanding of the impact of race and culture in our school and larger educational system.  The Woodstock Equity Team is comprised of teachers, administration, specialists, and parent/family representatives. Individuals interested the school equity work or involvement opportunities should contact the school office.

    Arts Advisory Committee

    The Woodstock Arts Advisory Committee is comprised of school staff, family members, and school administrators.  The Woodstock Arts Advisory Committee evolved out of a desire to create a more systematic approach to arts instruction and beautification of our school.  The committee schedules artists-in-residence, seeks enrichment opportunities for students, provides guidance for school art/beautification and instruction.

    (The Arts Advisory Committee will soon fall under the Family, Arts, and Enrichment Committee.  The Arts Advisory Committee may take the form of a subcommittee or may be included into the regular business of the Family, Arts, and Enrichment Committee.)

    School Climate Team

    The driving goal of the School Climate Team is to provide a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all students.  The School Climate Team, which includes teachers, support staff, community agents, district Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coaches, and administration meets regularly to review school wide data and identify improvement efforts.  Parents/guardians interested in attending a meeting should contact the school office. Parents/guardians seeking additional information can also review the Woodstock School Climate Handbook or contact the building principal.

    School Wide Events and Family Seminars

    Over the course of the school year, Woodstock hosts a variety of engagement and outreach events.  These can include PTA Seminars (Climate, Sustainability, Internet Safety, Academic Reports), Curriculum Nights, Conferences, Science Fair, Connect to Kindergarten and MIP Enrollment Meetings, and Open Houses.  These may vary from year-to-year based on timing, interests, and other factors. Information pertaining to these events can be found in the weekly school newsletter and on the school calendar.

    Chinese Family/ELL Affinity Group

    The Chinese Family/ELL Affinity Group Coffee/Tea Conversations provide a space and venue for Chinese Families to discuss issues relevant to their families and children.  In this setting, families have an opportunity to learn about school programs and initiatives and to engage in conversations about issues impacting their families. This group is supported by the Chinese Community Agent.  For more information about the Chinese Family/ELL Affinity Group, please contact the school office.

    Classroom Engagement

    Parents/guardians are encouraged to connect with their child’s teacher(s) regarding opportunities to volunteer in the classroom or find ways to engage in their child’s learning.  Depending on the needs of your child and your interest in volunteering/engaging, there are a variety of options. Please connect with your child’s teacher regarding specific requests and interests.

    General Volunteer Opportunities

    We welcome family and community volunteers.  Please contact the school office about volunteer opportunities.  Volunteers must complete a background check prior to working with students or in the school.  Background checks can be completed online at volunteer.pps.net and are valid for 3 years.  When volunteering, always sign-in at the office and obtain a volunteer badge to wear during the length of your stay.

    If you have an interest in attending a specific meeting or joining a committee, please contact the school office.  Meetings open to families are advertised in the school newsletter.