About our library program

    Mission Statement

    The da Vinci Library is an inclusive, welcoming space which allows all students and teachers to pursue information, ideas and answers for achievement in their academic learning and personal interests.


    Below are a few objectives of our library media program:

    • Teach students how to choose appropriate reading materials to meet their needs, interests, and skill levels
    • Design and facilitate meaningful experiences to promote a love of reading and lifelong learning, such as OBOB, ORCA, author visits, literacy fairs, book clubs, and other reading programs
    • Collaborate with teachers and administrators on school and district literacy goals and plans
    • Promote and maintain a school-wide culture of reading and literature appreciation
    • Reinforce literacy instruction with resources in a variety of formats and genres including informational texts
    • Develop, maintain, and provide equitable access to a collection of diverse informational and recreational resources in multiple formats
    • Develop and administer a library budget aligned to library, school, and district goals and objectives
    • Teach and collaborate on the instruction of research, information literacy, and digital literacy
    • Teach students to be effective consumers, producers, and presenters of information and ideas
    • Teach students and school staff to be safe, ethical, and responsible digital citizens
    • Lead professional development to support the integration of information and digital literacies, the use of technology, and collaboration across the curriculum


    This is a partial list of duties and responsibilities for Library Media Specialists, created by the Oregon Association of School Libraries