• Resources for Parents & Students

    PPS Get Ready!
    Created with a grant from the Nike Innovation Fund, the Get Ready! website is a one-stop shopping guide for high school and post-secondary planning.

    •Look at each year of high school and see what activities you should be incorporating into your school year.
    •Learn about Career Related Learning Opportunities that could be happening in your school and around the city.
    •Learn about programs you can be a part of during high school to help you explore and prepare for life after high school.
    •Explore your Post-Secondary options - apprenticeship programs, community college and universities.
    •Learn how to use financial aid to help pay for college.

    What's A CRLE?

    A CRLE is a Career Related Learning Experience. Career-related learning experiences (CRLEs) are structured educational experiences that connect learning to the world beyond the classroom. Some examples of CRLEs are:

    •Guest speakers
    •Field trips
    •Job shadows
    •Mock and information interviews
    •Internship /Clinicals
    •Service learning
    •Project-based learning
    •In-school enterprises

    Personalized Learning Diploma Requirements

    In addition to meeting credit requirements, all PPS graduates must complete Personalized Learning Diploma Requirements (PLRs): 1) Career Related Learning Experience Reflection(s), 2) Student Resume and 3) My Plan Essay/Extended Application.

    Completion of each student’s Personalized Learning Requirements will be tracked through Naviance. Once all requirements have been marked complete in Naviance, the student’s record will sync with Synergy and Personalized Learning Requirements will show as “met” on the student’s transcript.

    Naviance is an online college and career planning resource for all PPS high school students and families. If you need access to Naviance, contact your school's counseling office.

    Oregon Career Information Systems
    CIS is an online resource for all PPS high schools for students to explore colleges and careers and to narrow down information specific to Oregon. If you need access to CIS please contact your high school Career Coordinator.

    Pathway Volunteers


    Create a profile in Partner Connect to volunteer for career related learning experiences for our students.