• PTHV The PTHV Vision:  Parent Teacher Home Visits build transformative, authentic relationships by bringing together families and educators to engage as a team working toward a student's academic and career success. 

    Home Visit

    How Does PTHV Work?  PTHV is a nationally-recognized model developed by parents and teachers based on community organizing principles of empowerment.  A home visit is a meeting between a teacher and a student's parent/guardian(s) in a setting outside of the school. During the visit, the educator and family members share their hopes for the child, their expectations of each other, and begin to identify how they will help the student achieve their goals.  Once a teacher and the family complete a home visit, they are mutually supportive and accountable to each other.  The family is better able to support their child's academics at home and the teacher brings what they learn about the child into the classroom.  The PTHV model is recognized by the US Department of Education as a high-impact strategy for family engagement.

    PTHV Educator Training:  Through uniquely tailored training sessions, teachers emerge with increased understanding of families and respect for the family's role as a child’s first teacher. They learn how to build trust with families and increase their capacity to better engage students in the classroom. PTHV trainings are interactive, dynamic, and essential to the start of an evidence-based home visit practice.

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