• BUILD Parent Engagement Program

    Delivered through a partnership between Unite Oregon and Portland Public Schools, the BUILD (Building Undergraduates through Inclusive Leadership Development) program utilizes an inclusive, intercultural parent-organizing model to empower families to actively engage in advocacy for student academic success in schools and help advance educational equity in our schools by deepening parent engagement and supporting collaborative partnerships with teachers and staff.      

    The program offers parents a 9-month leadership development and mentorship cohort model that includes: monthly school-based advocacy trainings, quarterly retreats, and an annual cross-cluster conference, Seeds of Change.  



    • Parent Learning Walks (PLWs) offers a unique opportunity to connect parents and teachers in the classroom through real-time observations that give the pair a chance to meet and build sustaining relationships that support students at school and home. 
    • Home visits are routinely incorporated into our engagement and outreach efforts to meet families at their home and build relationships.  


    BUILD Parent Organizers serve in the following schools:

    • Roosevelt High School (11th/12th); Astor, Cesar Chavez, George (7th/8th)
    • Jefferson High School (11th/12th); Faubion, Ockley Green, Tubman, Vernon (7th/8th)
    • Madison High School (11th/12th); Harrison Park, Roseway Heights (7th/8th)


BUILD Contacts

Inger McDowell-Hartye
Program Director
Lorri O’Neill
Parent Organizer, Roosevelt Cluster
Maria Delgado
BUILD Latino Parent Organizer, Jefferson, Madison & Roosevelt Clusters
Maria Luna
Parent Organizer, Madison Cluster