• Physical Education and Health Requirements

    To graduate from Portland Public Schools a student must receive 1 credit in Physical Education (PE) and 1 credit in Health.

    You will take PE 1-2 your 9th grade year and Health 1-2 your 10th grade year.

  • Physical Education 1-2:

    Only available to 9th graders

    PHYSICAL EDUCATION (PE) 1-2: The goal of the Physical Education program is the development of a physically literate person. One who has learned skills and understanding necessary to perform a variety of physical activities can participate in regular fitness activities and knows the benefits of and values of physical activity for a lifetime. The mission of Portland Public Schools’ Physical Education program is to:

    • Impart the knowledge, values, and skills necessary to becoming lifelong learners and movers by practicing wellness habits and developing positive social skills through a variety of movement experiences.
    • Create a physical education setting in every school that encourages individual growth and supports diverse learning styles along with the development of critical thinking, problem solving and effective group interactions amongst all students.
    • Integrate other curricular areas within the physical education setting such as: oral/written communication, math, health and science.
    • Promote utilization of current exercise technology and educational opportunities to enhance the delivery of our message.
    • Encourage personal & family integration into the community to experience wellness benefits.
    • Provide knowledge and skills that will empower a students’ independence.

                            Physical Education Mission Statement - Portland Public Schools