9th Grade Inquiry is a required course that will support you as you enter Grant High School and provide instruction to support academic success in Grant courses and beyond. We will explore college and career options, learn academic skills, and also focus on important social/emotional skills. Ninth Grade Inquiry is an opportunity for you to gain exposure to the working world that you will one day enter. We will explore the ways that post-secondary options, including college, will help you in the future. Through this class, you will see a bridge between school and career in ways that both keep you motivated to continue to explore professional interest throughout high school and to graduate with the skills needed for your next steps in life. After having opportunities to reflect on your current strengths and interests, you will gain exposure to a wide range of possible careers; how careers connect to choices at Grant; the value of community service; and the expectations for college entrance and scholarships. We will practice and learn academic skills and standards consistently by using current/relevant content to prepare you for all course levels at Grant High School.