• Support Courses




    The PPS Special Education Department assists students who have Individualized Education Plans (IEP). In our high schools, the services include improving skills in reading, writing, and math; emotional/social and behavioral growth; physical adaptation for motor impairments; and vocational education. A variety of settings are available for those students who have specialized instruction identified on their IEPs. These settings include general education classrooms with case manager support during Academic Skills periods, Learning Center Classrooms, and Self‐Contained Intensive Skills Classrooms. Special education personnel include school psychologists, teachers, paraeducators, speech‐language pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and work experience coordinators.

    Learning Center Courses:

    Academic Skills 9th grade

    Basic Language Arts

    Basic Math

    Transitional Skills

    Intensive Skills Center Courses:

    Basic Social Studies

    Basic Science

    Basic Language Arts

    Basic Math

    Transtional Skills

    Daily Living

  • English Language Development (ELD)

    Students are placed in the course that corresponds to their current level of English proficiency. Systematic English Language Development Instruction is a course for students whose first language is other than English to develop English proficiency. The class will draw from a repertoire of instructional routines and structured activities for oral, reading, and written language practice at students’ respective proficiency levels. This course uses a student‐centered approach in both planning and instruction, and is geared towards authentic assessment and projects.

    Emerging ELD 1

    Emerging ELD 2

    Emerging ELD 3

    Emerging ELD 4