Degrees and Certifications:

Natalia Gunther


A little about me: This is 26th year teaching in the Portland Public School district and I get excited about going back to teaching every August!  I come from a family of educators.  I grew up watching my mom getting ready for biology classes and memorizing the names of her students at a teacher training college.  My dad would practice playing the trumpet in the kitchen to get ready to lead the band he organized. I spent most of my childhood and young years in St.Petersburg, Russia, but at that time it was called Leningrad.  I came to the USA in the fall of 1993 and first lived on the East Coast.  It took my husband and I five days to drive across the country and we are very thankful that we built our lives in Portland.  My favorite part about teaching is when I see my students are excited about their own learning and progress.  This is what makes my day!

In my free time I like to read, spend time with my family and friends, and travel, travel, travel! There are so many places to discover and appreciate! 

Last Modified on February 24, 2023