Degrees and Certifications:

Michelle Schardt

I love reading. I love teaching reading. I love reading about reading, and reading about teaching reading! And I love to talk about reading. I look forward to         doing all of these with my new Woodmere community. I have been a reading specialist in Portland Public Schools for 13 years, and this is my dream job. Before       becoming a reading specialist, I taught English language development and was a classroom teacher for just about every grade level KG-8th, for 14 years. I am     so excited about my next adventure in teaching at Woodmere.

I believe without a doubt that reading critically is a way to freedom, and is a civil right. Reading empowers, expands our world and builds compassion for others. We can’t go all places, meet everyone but we can sure do a lot more of both if we read widely. 


Want to create a Book Group? Let me know! I’ll be there.

Last Modified on February 24, 2023