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Degrees and Certifications:

Graham Ananden


A little about me:

This will be the start of my 15th year of teaching (and what a different year it will be!)  I’m a Portland native, born and raised.  I attended Portland Public Schools for 13 years.  Before college, I’d never really considered being a teacher.  One day, on my walk to class, there was a poster that said, “Teach To Change The World!  (free pizza)”  Both of those sounded interesting, and one thing led to another.  (As a new teacher, I also thought, “I’ll never teach kindergarten”, but it turns out that I love it!  I’ve taught 11 years of kindergarten, and I’m ready for year number 12) 

Outside of school, I love singing - I’ve been singing with groups since I started in choir in 6th grade.  I’m a voracious reader (thank goodness for libraries!)  I find a lot of joy in house projects and woodworking, as well.  I live with my wife, Elizabeth, our 3 year old son, Malcolm, and Agate the Cat.  Elizabeth works at OMSI, helping to run the Turbine Hall (if you ever see her in the Chemistry Lab, ask her to show you something cool).  Malcolm is very interested in space/dinosaurs/Clifford/Magic School Bus/Elephant and Piggie/art/chalk/cooking/science/biking/scooters/being loud. 

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