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    GEAR UP Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy & Teacher Capacity-Building

    What is culturally relevant-responsive-sustaining pedagogy?  Culturally Relevant-Responsive-Sustaining Pedagogy draws on research in asset-based pedagogies that recognize that cultural difference (including racial, ethnic, linguistic, gender, sexuality and ability) should be treated as assets for teaching and learning.  The educator understands that culture manifests in a variety of ways in which students prefer to learn (relevance) and uses differentiated instruction tailored to students' cultures in order to maximize learning potential (responsiveness).  Culturally sustaining pedagogy takes this practice a step further and views schools as places where cultural ways of being and knowing are sustained, celebrated and shared in order to promote racial equity and social justice in classrooms, schools and the educational system. 

    The PPS Instructional Framework

    Instructional Framework


CSP Contacts

Steve Smith, MED
TOSA (Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy) -- Roosevelt High School
(971) 200-0474
Shannon Rooney, MED
TOSA (Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy) -- McDaniel High School
(971) 387-6450
Noel Tamez, MED
TOSA (Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy) -- Jefferson High School