• K-12 MATH

  • K-5

    Our core curriculum for K-5 mathematics is i-Ready Classroom Mathematics.

    The i-Ready Classroom Mathematics program is structured by units, lessons, and sessions. There are five to six units at each grade level. Each unit is broken into lessons which span multiple days. Each lesson is divided into 3 - 5 daily sessions. This structure provides students with the time necessary to dig deeper into concepts, strengthening their understanding and helping them become independent learners. Each session also follows the Try–Discuss–Connect routine. This is a predictable routine that provides students an opportunity to make sense of problems, share ideas and discuss thinking with their peers, and compare different mathematical representations and approaches.

    In addition to the daily classroom Try-Discuss-Connect routine, students may also be working on an individualized learning plan called My Path. My Path is a digital program that is created based on a student’s Diagnostic assessment. Teachers may also assign digital lessons in alignment with their students’ needs. Students may spend 30-50 minutes a week working on My Path.

  • Students in class writing in journals

  • Try It

    • Make sense of the problem.
    • Solve and support your thinking.

    Discuss It

    • Share your thinking with the whole class.
    • Compare class strategies.

    Connect It

    • Make connections between strategies.
    • Apply your thinking to new problems.
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  • 6-8


    2022-23 was our first year of the MidSchoolMath curriculum adoption for core mathematics courses. The curriculum is in alignment with Common Core and Oregon Math Standards.

    MidSchoolMath is a comprehensive and robust curriculum that emphasizes building conceptual understanding as a foundation for different learners to access middle grades mathematics. It does this by introducing every lesson in context, helping students relate real situations to the mathematical skills needed to find solutions to those situations. The curriculum focuses deeply on the standards – each lesson cycle covers a single standard, spanning an entire week. This allows time for instruction to dive deeply into each standard through a progression of learning each week.

  • 9-12

    Illustrative Mathematics

    2022-23 was our first year of the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum adoption for core mathematics courses., such as Algebra and Geometry.

    The Illustrative Mathematics curriculum is nationally recognized as promoting deep understanding of mathematical concepts, procedural fluency, and real-world application. Students are engaged in meaningful problem solving and are prepared for rigorous learning beyond the foundational courses in Algebra and Geometry. High School students are able to expand their mathematical skills and interests through electives such as Data Science, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and more.