• About Student Success & Health

    The Student Success & Health Department works collaboratively with schools, families, students and community partners to support academic success and social emotional well-being for every child, by providing student interventions and supports, staff development, resources and technical assistance.


    Student Success supports the mission of Portland Public Schools: Every student by name prepared for college, career and participation as an active community member, regardless of race, income or zip code.

    Student Support Provider Programs

    • Comprehensive School Counseling Program
    • Comprehensive School Psychology Program
    • Comprehensive School Social Work Program
    • School Health Services - MESD Nurses and School Health Assistants
  • Student Success and Health Programs

    The Student Success and Health Department support district schools and programs in promoting the health and wellness of all students.

    • 504 Plans - Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a national law that protects qualified individuals from discrimination based on their disability
    • Behavioral Safety Assessment - Violence prevention processes and protocols (Formerly Threat Assessment)
    • Crisis Recovery/Grief and Loss - Guidance after an event of impact-including but not limited to death or discriminatory incident.
    • DHS - System navigation support and guidance.
    • Health Service Resources - Information including, physical health protocols, health clinics, insurance and more.
    • LGBTQ2SIA+ Supports - Policies, procedures, and resources that protect the rights of gender diverse and transgender students.
    • Mental Health & Wellness - Supports, services, and mental health system navigation.
    • Safety & Support Planning Resources - Plan templates and resources to meet student needs and support safety.
    • Student Success Center (SSC) - Referral and program information
    • Substance Use Services - Prevention and Intervention Supports Available to all students and families PPS-wide.
    • Suicide Prevention & Intervention - Self-harm prevention processes and protocols.
    • Supporting Students of Color - Uplifting the wellness of students of Color at all systems levels through advocacy and resources.
    • Title IX & SIRC - Sexual misconduct, assault & dating violence.
    • REAHL - Recovery, Education & Action for Healthy Living.