• Targeted Core

    Specialized instructional staff provide push in support, co-teaching, and scaffolds for Black and Native identifying students in 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade in reading and math, and for high school students enrolled in AP classes.

    16 Learning Acceleration Instructional Specialists (LAIS) in 17 schools supporting:

    • 3rd Grade Reading
    • 5th Grade Math
    • 8th Grade Reading and Math
    • HS Postsecondary Readiness & Advanced Coursework

    Support students to access core instruction, focusing on a caseload of students who identify as Black and/or Native

    Create, implement, and share scaffolds aligned with adopted curriculum and data analysis

  • Students working on homework

  • High Dosage Tutoring

    Highly focused, frequent, and targeted tutoring for students led by licensed teachers currently providing foundational reading skills instruction for students in grades 3-5 and algebra support for 9th grade students.

  • Content Focus

    • Elementary: Foundational Skills for 3rd - 5th Grade Students
    • Middle School: Multisyllabic Routines and Fluency
    • High School: Algebra Support
  • Summer Acceleration Academy

    Four week supplemental academic summer program for rising 1st-8th grade students addressing unfinished grade level instruction in reading and math, as well as hands-on STEAM learning and knowledge building.



    PPS Summer Acceleration Academy (SAA) will provide students with a successful onramp to the school year by engaging them in joyful learning opportunities that leverage their interests and strengths to address unfinished grade level learning, prioritizing students who identify as members of persistently underserved racial and ethnic groups in service of disrupting the predictability of outcomes based on race.


    Prioritized Students

    • Students performing below benchmark in Literacy and/or Math.
    • Students who identify as members of persistently underserved groups.
  • Student at event

  • Launch Winter '23

    • 130 Licensed Staff Tutors
    • 23 Schools selected based on Fall MAP data
    • Students selected based on Fall MAP data, fluency screeners, & teacher recommendation
  • Model

    • Small, fixed groups of 1-3 students/tutor
    • 3 sessions per week
    • 8 week cycles 
    • Defined curriculum
    • Data tracking by student ID
    • Progress Monitoring
    • Pre/post assessments
  • Students in classroom

  • 2023 Updates

    • Invited to participate in the National DSLN Network
    • Completed empathy interviews during family conferences to inform plans
    • Reimagined our Middle School offering through workgroup and quantitative and qualitative data
    • Expanded schedule in partnership with RESJ in response to family needs