• Learning Technologies

    The Learning Technologies Team supports the application of technology for the enhancement of learning, teaching, engagement, and assessment. Learning Technologies support student growth through the integration of technology and the development of instructional and curricular support.


    Planning with school teams, PLCs, and departments supporting leadership and TOSAs

    Curriculum Support

    Content-area next practices researching innovative tools and instructional strategies to support curriculum development

    Professional Learning

    • Technology integration and training for the PPS Digital Toolkit and other online resources
    • Workshop opportunities


    Technology Integration

    Co-teaching with a focus on technology standards Instructional support and strategies for technology integration

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  • PPS1:1 LevelUp

  • Students wearing headphones posing for photoStudent posing in front of laptop
  • PPS1:1 LevelUp aims to identify the technology-enhanced shifts, instructional strategies, physical practices, and teacher/student grade-band skills needed to support the Instructional Framework and the PPS Vision. LevelUp aims to support both blended learning and project-based learning models, two approaches to education that focus on student learning using a variety of learning materials, settings, and technologies. In both models, students have some control over the time, place, path, and/or pace of their learning. They can access digital materials and resources, online videos, tutorials, activities, and quizzes, as well as work on projects and assignments with classmates in person or remotely. Blended and project-based learning focuses on creating personalized learning experiences for students by providing them with access to various resources and opportunities to learn in different ways, stepping PPS students ever closer to the PPS reImagined vision.

    The Learning Technologies team focuses its work on supporting student outcomes and learning; creating and curating resources related to digital literacy and classroom technology integration; facilitating opportunities for professional learning; and providing governance over digital application use. In moving PPS forward, Learning Technologies will continue to lead cross-departmental collaboration in efforts to meet the goals of LevelUp.