• Vision

    All Portland Public School students will engage in equitable, inclusive, skills-based health and adapted/physical education so they may become confident, resilient, and empathetic advocates for themselves and others. 

  • Populations Served

    K-12 Health, K-12 Adapted/Physical Education.

  • Students in gym class with instructor

  • Locations Served

    All of PPS.

  • Goals

    • Provide Authentic & Functional Spaces
    • Provide Appropriate Materials, Equipment, and Supplies
    • Ensure Access and Time
    • Provide Meaningful Experiences and Tasks
    • Celebrate Community Engagement
  • Standards for Program

    Oregon Health and Physical Education Laws and Mandates, Oregon Health Education Standards, National Sexuality Education Standards, Oregon Physical Education Standards.

  • Key Instructional Resources


    Scope and Sequence, Skills Based Health Education RMC.org, Second Step, Advocates for Youth, Project Alert, Michelle’s Lighthouse, New York Public Schools Infectious Disease Curriculum, Safety First, NEST Foundation, Cares NW, Beyond Our Neighbors, Common Bytes, Common Sense Media Adapted/

    Physical Education 

    Scope and Sequence, OPEN Phys Ed.