• Vision and Description

    The PPS Early Learners Department is responsible for:

    • Supporting the district with the development and alignment of our Pre-K to 3rd grade (P-3) programs;
    • Overseeing and supporting PPS Pre-Kindergarten and Head Start programs;
    • Supporting families, students, and educators into and through the transition to Kindergarten; and
    • Supporting the ongoing development of highquality Kindergarten programming.
  • In all of our work, we are driven by our Early Learners Thrive...

    • In connected and supportive communities of family, friends, and educators.
    • When social-emotional teaching and learning are explicitly and authentically integrated and modeled throughout the day--fostering self- and community-care and positive relationship-building.
    • When provided meaningful learning experiences that promote development in reading, writing, speaking, listening, story-telling, problem-solving, well-being, reflection - all in the context of real-life applications.
    • In learning environments in which their linguistic, cultural, racial, and self-identities are seen, heard, and affirmed--and in which they are engaged in authentic experiences with a wide range of languages, cultures, races, and identities.
    • When educators demonstrate cultural humility and partner with families to understand the home assets, values, cultures, and experiences that shape their children’s approaches to learning.
    • When educators understand and embrace neuro diverse learning systems and disability, see each child’s best self, honor each learner where they are, collaborate to support development, and provide multiple access points to allow all students to engage in meaningful learning.
  • Pre-K/Head Start (population served)

    We support 51 free, full day Pre-K/Head Start classrooms at 15 different PPS sites. These classrooms support 3 and 4 year old students and their families. Culturally and linguistically-specific classrooms are offered for native Spanish speaking families and families who identify as Native American.

  • Pre-K/Head Start (locations)

    PPS Pre-K/Head Start classrooms are available at the following locations: Applegate, Boise-Eliot Humboldt, Clarendon Early Learning Center, Creston Annex, Faubion, Grout, Jason Lee, Kelly Center, Lent, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Marysville, Rosa Parks, Sacajawea, Sitton, and Whitman.

  • Pre-K/Head Start (program)

    With the exception of our Native Montessori classroom at Faubion, all of our Pre-K/Head Start classrooms are grounded in a play-based curriculum called Tools of the Mind. All classrooms include time for early literacy and mathematics development, structured and free play, time to rest, and explicit social-emotional development. Our wrap-around programs support students and families with nutrition and health support, family engagement and resources, and inclusion and mental health support.

  • Kindergarten Transition Supports

    We also support all PPS students and families in their transition into and through Kindergarten with our Connect to Kindergarten sequence (including Connect to Kindergarten school websites, Connect to Kindergarten school events, our Early Kindergarten Transition summer program, and our Ramp Up to Kindergarten fall activities).