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    Business Management-Marketing

    Computer Technology

    Construction Technology

    Hospitality/Tourism-Culinary Arts

    Digital Media

    Business Management-Marketing
    Instructor: VACANT

    Marketing Principles 
    Many aspects of business operation are covered such as sales, advertising, merchandising, marketing research, buying and management skills.

    Advanced Marketing 
    Students will develop additional marketing knowledge and skills. Students will investigate a variety of different types of businesses and how those businesses market their product, explore careers, practice good time management, give formal presentations, enhance their personal professional portfolio, complete a professional business presentation for a major corporation sponsor, participate in job shadows with business partners. Advanced Marketing is a project-driven class.

    This advanced course will introduce students to dynamic challenges facing marketing managers. This class will focus on developing management level problem solving and decision-making skills through the case study approach. Major course components include leadership development, management functions, personnel management, business finance, marketing research.

    Computer Technology
    Instructor: John Walker

    Introduction to Programming
    This course is for students who already have a solid foundation in their understanding of computer usage. Concepts explored will include: the human/computer interaction fundamentals, algorithmic problem solving, web design and programming. Numerous languages and methods will be introduced. This is meant to be a broad overview of computer science as opposed to an in-depth course in a single language.

    Computer Applications
    Students will learn how computers work, how to master the windows user interface, and how to use some of the most common computer programs in the areas of word processing, spreadsheets, desktop presentations and cloud computing. This course in intended for students with little or no experience using computers.

    Essentials of Game Programming
    This course is for students who already have successfully completed Algebra 1 and the Introduction to Computer Programming pre-requisite or similar course/set of courses. This class is meant to be a broad studio based investigation into aspects of 2D/3D Game Processing.

    IB Computer Science SL
    Designed to provide a good background for students who are going into computer science, engineering or science fields. This course requires completion of a summer assignment.

    Construction Technology
    Instructor: Brian Barnes

    Intro to Carpentry & Construction
    Beginning Woods 1-2 focuses on the fundamental skills of woodworking with an emphasis on safety. Students use basic hand tools, power tools, and machines to produce various projects.Students will also study the transfer of basic woodworking to the construction and manufacturing trades.

    Advanced Carpentry & Construction 
    Advanced Woods and Construction is a course designed to help you develop skills and experience in the field of carpentry. The activities you will participate in this class will strengthen your ability to use specific tools in a safe manner to complete projects. These skills are directly related to career training. This is a project based class. Everyday, you will be completing small tasks to complete a bigger project. Sometimes, your instructor will choose a task/project for you, but most often, you will be expected to create your own ideas for projects. To get the most out of this class, it is important for you to be safe, on task, and creative. Prerequisites Introduction to Woods and Construction

    Hospitality & Tourism-Culinary Arts
    Instructors: Alan Joynson

    Introduction to Culinary Arts
    Culinary Arts I is a year-long, introductory course providing students with an introduction to safety, sanitation, basic cooking and baking techniques, nutrition, menu planning, recipe writing and modification, as well as the culture of and behind food. This course will prepare students for life after high school and careers in food production found in hotels, healthcare facilities, and restaurants. As such, this course is designed for two types of students: 1) Students who are interested in a career in the hospitality industry 2) Students who are sincerely interested in learning food prep skills and practices to apply in daily life Instructional methods will consist of, but are not limited to, presentations, handouts, hands-on experiments (“Culinary/Cooking Labs”), demonstrations, textbooks and other reading assignments. The use of multimedia materials (such as videos, computer software programs) field trips, and guest speakers may be included.

    Advanced Culinary Arts: International Foods
    Advanced Culinary Arts is a year-long course with an emphasis international foods and culture. Students will learn about ingredients, preparation techniques, flavor profiles and history behind a variety of foods typical of cultures found around the world. This course will involve the use of more advanced food preparation techniques, as well as expand upon lessons taught in the introductory course regarding menu planning, food-costing and recipe development, writing and modification. The course will build upon students’ knowledge of safety and sanitation practices by teaching them principles of food storage and handling in the context of restaurants, hotels and other large-volume venues. Advanced Culinary Arts will further prepare students for life after high school, careers in food production (found in hotels, healthcare facilities and restaurants) and other culinary careers.

    Digital Media
    Instructor: Vanessa Hughes & Ezra Erickson

    Intro to Mass Media & Communications
    Students will learn how to write in different text types as is being practiced in the industry, as well as learn how to use the industry standards in software (InDesign Cloud) to practice layout design. In addition, students will learn about careers in writing, advertising, marketing, communications, and design. Other aspects of the course will include understanding press law and ethics as it relates to the field, and understanding the media and how it works today.

    Newspaper Lap: Writing/Photography/Video
    Students will practice producing media for public consumption. Currently, we produce a monthly newsmagazine (The Clarion) and an online news site (clevelandclarion.com), which also hosts our video channel and our social media platforms. Students will work to produce content under their peers’ guidance and mine. This includes long form narratives, opinion pieces, features, etc., as well as videos, and photos.

    Advertising/Marketing and Digital Media
    Designed for students to produce content for businesses, manage real life accounts, and use digital media to enhance a business’s profile and profitability.