Welcome to Rieke Elementary Library



    Rieke Community,

     Welcome back to a new school year!  Myself and Mrs. C. are excited to see all of you return to the library.  You may notice some changes when you walk into the Rieke library.  It had an "update" while you all were away.  We have many new titles, and the book collection was updated through weeding old, and tired books.  Last year, Ms. Vaughan recycled over 50 boxes of "blah" books!  Needless to say, the library is fresh, and awaiting your arrival... By the way, the books really missed you.  

    If you have any Rieke Library books at home on your shelves, or under the bed, bring them in and get some new books! 



    Mission Statement

    The mission of Rieke Elementary Library is to provide all students and staff with a developing collection of diverse and relevant titles representative of all cultures and backgrounds.  The Rieke Library will support standards and equity by collaborating with teachers, apply literacy instruction, and teach information literacy across all grade levels, ensuring students become lifelong, responsible users of information.




    Amy Vaughan-Teacher-Librarian                                                                                                                              

    Skyline K-8-M, T, every other Wednesday                                                                                        

    Rieke Elementary-every other Wednesday, TH, F

    Janet Colasurdo-Library Assistant

    Rieke Elementary-M-F (Half-day Wednesday)