• Volunteer for Alameda

    One of Alameda’s strengths is the rich culture of volunteerism at our school. Whether it is helping out in your child’s classroom or helping with a PTA activity from home, there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

    We encourage each family to determine how they can best contribute—time, talent, funds—and thank you in advance for the incredibly generous contributions each family makes to Alameda.

    You can view and sign up for PTA and Foundation volunteer opportunities online. Calls for volunteers will also be posted on this website (see below). If you aren’t sure exactly where you’d like to help, contact the PTA volunteer coordinator at volunteer@alamedaschool.org.

  • Current & On-going Volunteer Opportunities

    Join the Room Parent Crew!

    We’re looking for 1-2 parents from each classroom to serve on our Room Parent Crew. As part of the Room Parent Crew you'll have the opportunity to provide support to your child's classroom teacher and help us build a stronger, more connected community here at Alameda. After reviewing the responsibilities, please let us know if you can help. Your enthusiasm and support is just what the classroom and our community needs!

    If you can help, please contact PTA Ambassador Tifany Minter at ptaambassador@alamedaschool.org.

     Passport Club Volunteers

    How many volunteers do we need to make this program possible? A LOT! We need 25 or more volunteers for each passport check day. It runs from 8:45 am - 11:00 am in the cafetorium and offers you a really fun way to interact with many different kids. Please consider volunteering for the Passport Club! We have a blast -- and you can bring a bell or other noisemaker if you have one to celebrate "level 5" with style.  Please do not let your lack of geography knowledge hold you back from volunteering. Volunteers get to have a cheat sheet with them at all times; you do not have to commit to all the dates -- come to any you can.  
    Passport Club Check Days for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:

    • September 22
    • October 27
    • November 17
    • December 15
    • January 26
    • February 23
    • March 23
    • April 27
    • May 25


    If you can help, please sign up online.

    Garden Maintenance Support

    The Discovery Garden Team would like some help with on-going garden maintenance tasks. This would involve tasks like weeding, litter/trash removal, turning compost and more. Most tasks could be done any day after school, any evening or weekend.

     If you can help, please contact garden@alamedaschool.org

    Food Waste Volunteers Needed
    Can you spare a little time mid-day to help curb Food Waste at Alameda? Volunteers are needed to monitor and remind students to separate their food waste at lunch time.

    If you can help, please sign up online

    Bike & Walk to School Advocates
    Once each month for about 20-30 minutes
    We could use some help talking with kids and families about walking and biking to school as well as handing out goodies to kids to celebrate and promote walking/biking to school.

    If you can help, please contact walkandbike@alamedaschool.org.

    Grant Writers Needed
    Efforts are underway to solicit funds to help replace the field at Alameda Elementary. The Alameda Field Improvement Team is currently working to secure funding from corporate donors and investigating grant opportunities. If you can lend a hand writing grant applications the team would like to talk to you!

    If you can help, please contact alamedafield@alamedafield.org

    Classroom Helpers
    Individual teachers coordinate parent volunteer efforts in their own classrooms. Parent volunteers help with student projects and small group lessons, chaperone field trips, and assist teachers with photocopying and materials preparation. All volunteers must complete the PPS background check prior to working in the classrooms. Click here to access the application on the PPS website.