• Volunteer for Alameda

    One of Alameda’s strengths is the rich culture of volunteerism at our school. Whether it is helping out in your child’s classroom or helping with a PTA activity from home, there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

    We encourage each family to determine how they can best contribute—time, talent, funds—and thank you in advance for the incredibly generous contributions each family makes to Alameda.

    You might consider volunteering for one of the many on-going needs listed below.

    If you aren’t sure exactly where you’d like to help, contact the PTA at VPvolunteercoordination@alamedaschool.org.

  • Call for Volunteers

    Classroom Helpers
    Individual teachers coordinate parent volunteer efforts in their own classrooms. Parent volunteers help with student projects and small group lessons, chaperone field trips, and assist teachers with photocopying and materials preparation. All volunteers must complete the PPS background check prior to working in the classrooms. Click here to access the application on the PPS website.

    Alameda Community Ambassadors for every classroom!

    Community Ambassadors will create camaraderie and open lines of communication within their individual classrooms and grade cohorts. They will help foster Alameda’s goal to support connections between families, staff and students in an inclusive manner and empower all community members to get and feel involved. Community Ambassadors will be a touch-point for connection in the classroom and broader community. If you are interested in volunteering for this position in any of your children’s classrooms contact Monica Kearsley at VPvolunteercoordination@alamedaschool.org

    Science Team

    Would you like to help bring back the Alameda Science Fair? And perhaps a Family Science night or two? These events provide our students with an opportunity to nurture their natural curiosity about the world around them, develop or sharpen critical thinking skills as they learn the basics of the scientific method, and get valuable experience participating in hands-on activities in a friendly, supportive setting.  We are looking for 1-2 (or more!) parents or grandparents who can help carry on the tradition of organizing opportunities to inspire our ever-curious elementary students to explore the vast STEM/STEAM world. 

    If you are interested in volunteering for this position please contact PTA VP Curriculum Julia Love at vpcurriculum@alamedaschool.org.

    Web Coordinator

    Alameda PTA publishes activity information on the official Alameda website. Some knowledge of web publishing would be helpful but coding knowledge or experience is not necessary. The Alameda website is built on a publishing platform that allows for web and calendar updates via web-based forms and editing tools.  Volunteer can do this job from home. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours/week during the school year. 10-12 hours during the summer to prepare for the beginning of the school year.

    If you are interested in volunteering for this position please contact PTA VP Communications Arielle Weedman at vpcommunications@alamedaschool.org.

    Graphic Design Support

    Want to strengthen your Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator skills? Are you bored with corporate work and want a chance to experiment visually with designs?  This is an opportunity for one (or a small team) to do just that AND help out our school community.  PhotoShop or Illustrator templates have been created for visual assets to support recurring events (i.e. Family Movie Night posters) but need to be updated for each event to reflect the time, date and other specific details. Prefer to design an entirely new poster? You can. For each event, updates (or design a new) to campaign assets would include:

    • Web page feature image for inclusion in the rotation on our home page.
    • Facebook graphics to help draw attention to posts.
    • Graphics for inclusion in newsletter updates.
    • Poster/banners for promotion in the halls at school.
    • Flyers (occasionally – trying to avoid too much paper waste)

    Time Commitment: 4 hours/month all school year

    If you are interested in volunteering for this position please contact PTA VP Communications Arielle Weedman at vpcommunications@alamedaschool.org.

    Garden Leaders and Weeders

    Alameda’s school garden was built and funded by Alameda families over a decade ago.  It remains an excellent opportunity for kids to have hands-on learning experiences.  Garden volunteers work with the Garden Coordinator on either short duration or year-long tasks including:

    • Clean-Up Party Organizer:  Plan and lead two garden clean-up parties for September and spring, usually late May or early June.  (6- 8 hours related to each event)
    • Garden Classroom Representatives:  Serve as activity leader with students for a classroom, communicate with teacher and meet with Garden Learning Lead to identify lessons (from existing garden curriculum), work with teacher to determine schedule for taking students to garden for activities.  (2 – 4 hours/month during school year)
    • Garden Learning Lead:  Recruit parent garden representative for each classroom, schedule and plan meetings with garden representatives to orient them to garden curriculum and lesson options, help garden representatives decide and plan garden activities, support class garden representatives to communicate with teachers and plan days for students to do their garden activities.  (2 – 4 hours/month throughout school year)
    • Weeders: Help out periodically with garden weeding. If you’re a parent typically around on the playground after school, maybe plan a few times per year to get a few friends and spend an hour weeding.  More hands make light work.  Garden coordinator can help you access the tool shed.  (2 – 3 hours/month, once, twice or all year long)

    If you are interested in volunteering to help with the Alameda Garden, please contact PTA Garden Lead, Dre Perlaki at garden@alamedaschool.org.

    Landscape and Playground Field Support

    School Grounds Landscaping/Clean-up Organizer:  Plan and lead two landscaping events on for school grounds events each year - one in the fall, one in the spring.  Key responsibilities include scheduling events and communicating with school staff on priorities for landscape and field clean-up; outreach to recruit volunteers to help during event and typical volunteer groups include a local Boy Scout Troop 100, families, alumni, and students. (6- 8 hours related to each event)

    Field Improvement Project Co-Manager.  Assist other Field Improvement Project Co-Manager with communicating and organizing field seeding, water, fertilizing and aerating throughout the year in conjunction with PPS Facilities.  (2- 3 hours/month all year long)

    If you are interested in volunteering for either of these opportunities, please contact PTA Landscape Lead Aimee Samuelson at landscape@alamedaschool.org.